Workday Financial Management Receives High Scores for Customer Satisfaction

Workday received high scores for customer satisfaction in a Gartner, Inc. report based on a survey of 194 customers from 15 core financial management vendors.

Our customers’ satisfaction is a top priority for us at Workday, and it’s very encouraging when their satisfaction is validated by survey results. Today, I’m delighted to share some news about how our customers rate Workday Financial Management.

On May 12, 2015, Gartner published the findings of a survey of 194 customer references sourced from 15 core financial management vendors conducted in 2014, in a report titled, “Survey Analysis: Core Financial Management Applications Deliver Benefits Both On-Premises and in the Cloud,” by Nigel Rayner. This report produced valuable insights for application leaders and finance professionals. Workday is proud to have received high scores for customer satisfaction.

We believe that a customer’s overall satisfaction is the most important measure of our success as a company. It’s telling about both the level of satisfaction with our products and the quality of our relationships. And, of course, it directly correlates to how likely a customer would use Workday and our products again. As our Co-Founders Aneel Bhusri and Dave Duffield shared in a blog post, our own survey of customers shows a satisfaction rate of more than 97%.

Since Workday was founded 10 years ago, we’ve tried to approach every customer relationship as a true partnership. Consider this observation from Mark Stinson, director of corporate accounting at Shelter Insurance Companies, who wrote a blog series last year about Shelter’s deployment of Workday Financial Management:

“I’ll end this post with an observation about our partnership with Workday, as well as IBM which was brought in to assist with our deployment. Our internal team did an amazing job, both with how they partnered with the Workday team and their dedication to learning about the system and how to best configure it to meet Shelter’s unique needs. When challenges arose along the road to deployment, we tackled and solved them together. I’m proud we hit our deployment date on schedule, but even more so, I’m proud of how well we worked together to get there.”

Thanks for sharing your story, Mark, and thanks to all of our customers who have participated in customer satisfaction surveys. Your input gives us the insights to make our relationships even stronger.

(For more on the deployment of Workday Financial Management at Shelter Insurance Companies, read Mark Stinson’s “Diary of a Deployment” blog series starting with this post.)

Update: The original version of this blog posted on May 21, 2015 reflected customer satisfaction research findings published and approved by Gartner. Based on a request from Gartner, this blog has been edited. Additionally, on June 3, 2015, Gartner republished the report and the updated version no longer includes vendor-specific survey results.

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