Video: David Clarke and Jason Fried on Technology, Innovation, and Work

How do you create a culture that promotes innovation? How do you drive greater focus around elegance in design? Watch Workday SVP David Clarke and Basecamp CEO Jason Fried, who discuss these topics and more in a four-part video series.

David Clarke, senior vice president of technology development at Workday, recently sat down with Basecamp founder and CEO Jason Fried to discuss innovation, team building, and how great products are made.

Fried is an enlightened thinker on topics ranging from software development to the philosophy of work. He founded 37signals in 1999, and re-branded the company in 2014 as Basecamp to focus on their well-received organizational productivity tool. Long recognized as a champion of working remotely and bringing an entrepreneurial mindset to your job, Fried has also written two books: “Remote: Office Not Required,” and “Rework.”

In the four videos below, Clarke and Fried cover a variety of topics, including what makes technology interesting, useful, and valuable. Watch excerpts from their conversation below.

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