Video: How CIOs are Driving Transformation

Workday CIO Diana McKenzie and CIO Magazine Publisher Adam Dennison discuss the rapidly changing role of the CIO in this video filmed at Workday Rising.

Secure. Integrate. Scale. Adapt. Collaborate. Share. Improve. This is just a snapshot of a typical CIO’s to-do list. Yet, because of the rapid pace of change and constant need for adaptation in today’s world, none of these things can ever truly be checked off. CIOs are now directing change efforts while simultaneously ensuring their organizations are benefitting from that change. That requires fast thinking and a new way of approaching the job.

Workday CIO Diana McKenzie offered her perspective on the rapidly changing role of the CIO in a Business Leader Forum recently at Workday Rising. The session, conducted as an interview with CIO Magazine Publisher Adam Dennison, includes excerpts from a new IDG report, “The Evolution of the CIO.” In addition, McKenzie explains how CIOs can turn a vision for transformation into a workable, actionable plan for overall business improvement by using technology to achieve business objectives.

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