Workday Signs White House Equal Pay Pledge

Workday joins more than 100 businesses in signing the White House Equal Pay Pledge, an important step in eliminating the gender wage gap.

Today it was announced that Workday has signed the White House Equal Pay Pledge. We join more than 100 businesses in signing this pledge and are encouraged that the commitment to pay parity is gaining momentum. We need to create a world where our daughters have the same opportunities as our sons to succeed in the workplace, and where their contributions are valued as much as their male counterparts.

You’d think pay parity would be a given in today’s world, but the facts prove otherwise. Women working full time in the U.S. made just 80 cents for every dollar earned by men last year, and the gap is worse in some other parts of the world. Change will happen only when companies take a disciplined approach to identifying and addressing any gender wage gaps they may have within their organizations.

Those who sign the pledge commit to:

  • Conducting an annual company-wide gender pay analysis across occupations.
  • Reviewing hiring and promotion processes to reduce unconscious bias and structural barriers.
  • Embedding equal pay efforts into broader enterprise-wide equity initiatives.
  • Identifying and promoting other best practices that will close the national wage gap.

We’ve always been committed to pay parity and do not have a gender wage gap at Workday. Our Chief People Officer Ashley Goldsmith and her team regularly conduct company-wide gender pay analysis using reporting capabilities in the Workday system, as do many of our customers.

We’re also committed to hiring and promoting the best people into leadership roles regardless of gender. On our executive team, in addition to Ashley, our CIO, CFO, and CMO are women, as are a number of Workday senior vice presidents, including our leaders of product development and product management. More broadly, having a diverse workforce that brings many different viewpoints and experiences to work each day is critical to our success.

Yet real change doesn’t happen without unity, which is why we’ve joined the growing list of companies—including Workday customers—signing the White House Equal Pay Pledge. We hope many more will join us soon.

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