5 Ways to Get the Most Value from Your Workday Investment

Are your company’s Workday administrators and power users leveraging Workday Community, aware of education opportunities, and able to discuss the value of an FAB ? Read on for five questions to start the conversation.

If you are a Workday customer, it’s likely there are a number of people within your organization who are considered Workday experts. Yet there could be some unexplored opportunities for your company’s Workday administrators and power users to get the most value out of your company’s investment. Here are five conversation starters to consider:

1. Are we taking full advantage of Workday Community?

Workday Community is a private online community where customers, partners, and Workday employees collaborate and share best practices. We highly encourage all Workday practitioners to sign up and join—there’s no cost and it takes only a moment to request an account. You’ll find tips on configurations, training documentation, special interest groups, and more.

We often talk about the Power of One, and a great example of that in Workday Community are the contributed solutions. Members share solutions that any customer can download, test, and apply to their tenant. You can check out available contributed solutions before starting an initiative or project—maybe even get a jumpstart or even a complete solution from another customer. In this video (sign-in required), several customers share what they like best about Workday Community.

2. Are we participating in events like RUGs and Workday Rising?

Nothing takes the place of face-to-face networking and knowledge sharing, and many of our customers are active in regional user groups (RUGs) worldwide. Workday RUGs provide a great opportunity for customers to build strong and lasting relationships with peers. They are led by customers, operate independently, and typically meet once per quarter—more details on locations can be found here in Workday Community.

On a much bigger scale, our customer conferences—Workday Rising and Workday Rising Europe—draw thousands of participants every year. These events offer tracks designed for everyone from power users to deployment experts to members of the C-suite, and our goal is that every attendee takes away new ideas, strategies, and connections to drive your organizations forward. We hope to see you later this year in Chicago, Oct. 9-12 or in Barcelona, Nov. 14-16.

3. Are we using Workday’s Customer Enablement Services?

Our Customer Enablement Services are designed to help our customers get the most out of Workday, whether that’s helping your organization determine if a new feature or application is a good fit, or lending our expertise in rolling out new functionality or additional products. For example, on our Workday Community site, practitioners can sign in to watch The Next Level demonstrations for feature deployment tips, or for something more in-depth, participate in our Enablement Workshops, where they test out specific features in their own sandbox tenants. We also offer post-deployment services for products, feature options, and optimization.

4. Do we have a Feature Adoption Blueprint and a governance model to operationalize it?

Having a cloud-based system like Workday opens up opportunities to think differently not only during deployment, but also once your deployment is live. For example, how do you continue to take advantage of the new features and functions we release on a regular basis? Our most successful customers have a Feature Adoption Blueprint (FAB), which helps align their business priorities and events with untapped Workday functionality, and have put in place a governance board to operationalize the FAB. If your organization doesn’t have a FAB, we encourage you to connect with your company’s customer success manager to learn how to get started.

5. Do we have an ongoing team member education plan?

Our Workday Education program helps customers efficiently adopt and make the best use of their Workday applications. We offer a variety of learning delivery options, ranging from independent, self-paced offerings to specialized, hands-on activities in your Workday tenant. One of our most popular offerings is Workday Pro, an accreditation program for customers who want to develop a similar level of knowledge and expertise as our certified services partners. It consists of a number of tracks, each with relevant courses, plus a written test. Workday Pro gives our customers greater confidence in their employees’ abilities to deliver similar levels of value as an external consultant. In addition, having that in-house expertise can reduce time to value and even lower the total cost of ownership. Visit Workday Community to learn more about Workday Education and Workday Pro.

Your success is our success, and I hope your team enjoys exploring these many rich opportunities that will help your business get the most out of its Workday investment.

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