Workday Rising Europe: Top Tips from a Previous Attendee

Our Workday Rising Europe customer conference is just around the corner. Sussie Hrouda-Rasmussen, global HR & recruitment operations manager at Ramboll and a returning attendee, shares advice for getting the most out of this year’s conference.

Last year, our customer Sussie Hrouda-Rasmussen shared these great tips for Workday Rising Europe attendees. Check them out if you’re planning to join us for this year’s Workday Rising Europe, taking place Nov. 13-15 in Vienna. See you then!

Workday Rising Europe is just around the corner. And, whether you’ve been to the show before or this is your first time, we want to help you get the most value possible from the event. So we asked Sussie Hrouda-Rasmussen, global HR & recruitment operations manager at Ramboll, for advice on getting the most out of this year’s conference.

You’ve been to Workday Rising previously. What do you most look forward to?

For me, it’s the social element—the opportunity to mingle with Workday consultants and other employees, but even more importantly, to meet other customers in a relaxed setting. It is great to connect with the Workday community and hear stories from other customers in their own words. I have built some very important relationships at Workday Rising Europe.

“Focus on meeting new people and building new relationships.”

What’s your event preparation strategy?

There is so much content that planning is very important. At Ramboll, three people on the team attend, and we look at the agenda and divide sessions between the group. It’s important to prioritise, and the more you plan, the more you get out of it. The event app is also a very good planning tool.

Do you have any tips for first-time attendees?

Focus on meeting new people and building new relationships. Of course, it’s nice to see familiar faces and catch up, but make sure you hear about other customer experiences to get new ideas. I don’t just mean sessions, but small talk between presentations. Also, find some time to sit down with the Workday consultants that you work with regularly. It’s much more powerful to have that personal connection when they tell you about new products or the roadmap.

What are the biggest takeaways you tend to reflect on after returning from Workday Rising?

I think it’s hugely important to debrief and then take that knowledge back to the rest of the business. Attendees are lucky to get a few days dedicated to learning about the products, seeing what is coming next, and speaking to customers about best practices. As the Workday lead inside Ramboll, I think it’s my job to share that information so the whole business can benefit.

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