Behind the Cloud Episode 6: Blockchain and Self-Sovereign Identity

Watch Sovrin Foundation's Phil Windley and Workday's David Clark discuss why self-sovereign identity and blockchain technologies play an important role in solving online identity problems.

In this episode of Behind the Cloud, we delve into how blockchain-powered technologies can help solve some of the identity problems inherent in the way the internet was constructed. Host David Clarke talks with Phil Windley, chair of the Sovrin Foundation, about the vision for a self-sovereign system of online identity that is more portable, secure, and convenient than the mish-mash of hard-to-remember passwords and various usernames most people are forced to rely on.

From helping displaced people prove their identity to making it easier to apply for a loan (or proving you’re not a dog), self-sovereign identity has a number of upsides. And, as Windley explains, some regional authorities are getting ready to issue blockchain-enabled credentials.

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