Customer Success Means Average Is Never Good Enough

An effective customer success program doesn't settle for "average" relationships. At Workday, we’re delighted to have a 98 percent customer satisfaction rating, but know there's always more we can do with customers to strengthen our partnerships. Emily McEvilly shares three ways customers can work more closely with us and with each other to get the most out of their Workday investment.

Sometimes average is comforting or even expected, like traffic or annual rainfall. But no one aspires to it. You never hear someone wishing for an average vacation or that their kids will get average grades. Or that their business will yield average results and their customers will find average success.

We certainly don’t.

At Workday, we’ve discovered that an effective customer success program transitions customers from an average vendor relationship to a strategic partnership. And that’s our intent with you. A strategic partnership helps us meet your expectations both before and after your deployments, so that you get the most out of your Workday investment.

So let’s leave average behind. With shared goals and open communication, together we can continue to transform the tactical into the strategic, and the ordinary into the innovative. Here are some of the steps we can take to do this together.

Get Involved with Each Other

As a Workday customer, you’re part of something bigger than the cloud services trend. You’re part of the Workday community. We love it when you talk to us. When you provide feedback and suggestions for product improvements on the Workday Community site, it helps us stay connected. So please don’t be a stranger. Participate in training, join user groups, and network with your peers.

As your knowledge and expertise grows, you can move past basic learning and education and into influencing our products. Join a Workday advisory council to weigh in on product development. Perhaps you want to become an early adopter and test new releases before they’re globally available. The more you know, the better the experience you can create for your organization.

We believe customers are more satisfied when they can contribute, and we are more effective when we can deliver new features, fixes, and capabilities based on your feedback.

We also take steps to understand how we’re doing in our partnership, and were thrilled to learn you gave us a 98 percent satisfaction rating this year.

Take Advantage of Adoption Resources

We want to partner with you to help define resources, chart a path, and equip you to make the most of Workday. With new releases on a bi-annual schedule and weekly feature and capability updates, customers have lots of adoption options, which can be overwhelming. We can help you become as self-sufficient as you want to be. Whether that’s connecting you with the right services partner or getting your internal team accredited, you have options. Your customer success manager can help you plan a Workday adoption journey that works best for you.

We are constantly scrutinizing and evolving our customer enablement tools and resources, to give you more options and insight into how to use Workday in your organization.

Innovate with Us

Forbes named Workday as #2 on its list of the World’s Most Innovative Companies. Organizations choose us for marrying a consumer-grade experience with a cloud delivery model, and as our President of EMEA and APJ Gonzalo Benedit observed, because we can “bridge the gap between workforce expectations and reality. “

We are continually looking for ways to make it seamless and effective for you to use Workday as a daily, strategic business advantage. From the launch of Workday Prism Analytics last year to our recent acquisition of Adaptive Insights, we are committed to offering you solutions that accelerate your business transformation. That includes providing metrics that give you insight into your business so you can be flexible, agile, and competitive.

We also take steps to understand how we’re doing in our partnership, and were thrilled to learn you gave us a 98 percent satisfaction rating this year based on responses to our annual Executive Sponsor Survey (which our Chief Operating Officer Jim Bozzini announced at Workday Rising this year; see photo from the event above). We rely on your customer satisfaction to measure our success, because if using Workday helps you become more successful, then we’re more successful, too.

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