Workday Rising: Learning and Sharing with Industry Peers

Going to Workday Rising? Whatever industry you work in, we know your organization has unique needs, challenges, and goals to thrive in that industry. That’s why you’ll be able to choose from hundreds of sessions representing more than a dozen industries, covering a wide range of topics on finance, human resources, and business transformation. As a sample, here are a dozen sessions featuring customers from 12 separate industries.

In just a few short days, many of us at Workday will join our customers, partners, and the rest of the Workday community at Workday Rising in Las Vegas to learn, share, and network.

We know that every conference attendee works in a specific industry with unique needs, challenges, and goals. That’s why you’ll be able to choose from hundreds of sessions representing more than a dozen industries, covering a wide range of topics on finance, human resources, and business transformation.

Better yet, customers will share their firsthand experiences and advice on how they’ve addressed challenges in their industries. As just a small sample of the many industry-focused sessions available, here are a dozen sessions featuring customers from 12 separate industries:

  • Healthcare: To deliver the best care, healthcare leaders need a comprehensive view of key operational areas such as their people, resources, and costs. Executives from John Muir Health will discuss the value of having finance, supply chain, and HR in a single system, and will share why they decided to follow a centralized model.
  • Life Sciences: In the increasingly competitive and dynamic life sciences industry, human capital management is a strategic imperative. Pfizer will share how to best plan for a merger or acquisition, based on lessons learned from its own experiences.
  • Financial Services: Financial services firms are facing unprecedented changes including new regulations, privacy concerns, and nontraditional competitors. Oriental Bank (OFG) and two other customers will share their best practices for overcoming issues and discuss how their processes have changed since switching from legacy systems to one cloud-based technology platform to support their global workforces.
  • Insurance: Having insights into financial and operational data is a game-changer, especially for insurance carriers who use data to make critical decisions around underwriting policies, collecting premiums, and paying out claims. Learn how Shelter Insurance is leveraging Workday Prism Analytics to create and share financial insights in ways that weren’t previously possible.
  • Professional Services: Client expectations are ever-changing, and firms need to ensure their talent base can continuously deliver successful projects. Discover how Booz Allen Hamilton configured Workday to transition from annual performance reviews to monthly “snapshots,” enabling employees to have more frequent, higher-quality conversations with their managers.
  • Government: Organizations in the public sector face pressure to improve service delivery despite tight budgets and increasing federal regulations. When deploying Workday Financial Management, the City and County of Denver needed to ensure the system met all of their department and agency needs. Hear about the multiple factors Denver considered in its business processes.
  • Higher Education: Many higher education institutions are still operating on outdated finance and accounting systems, making it difficult to adapt to new regulations and support strategic decision-making. With the deadline looming for compliance with the new lease accounting standard ASC 842, University of Rochester will share its experience in adopting ASC 842 and how Workday Financial Management is instrumental in facilitating the transition.
  • Hospitality: Many companies in the hospitality industry will be part of a merger or acquisition at some point. Coffee and Bagel Brands will share how it planned for and implemented change after growing through acquisitions. Learn best practices and how Workday supports organizations going through a merger or acquisition.
  • Manufacturing and Consumer Goods: Manufacturing is a complex venture, involving multiple stakeholders and processes during production and distribution, and having disjointed internal systems adds to that complexity. When data is stored in silos, organizations are at risk of overlooking critical information. Learn how Nissan uses data management in Workday Prism Analytics to glean new insights.
  • Media: The media industry is booming as content discovery and distribution increase and new channels continue to gain traction. Discover how Netflix is using the Workday Cloud Platform and Workday Financial Management to become a more agile and customer-centric organization.
  • Nonprofit: Nonprofit organizations need to maximize their impact while adhering to tight budgets. Learn how the National Geographic Society utilizes several self-service functions to empower its employees and maintain a lean accounts payable function, streamlining the procure-to-pay process and optimizing indirect purchasing.
  • Retail: Employees are on the front lines of retail operations, directly impacting the customer experience and, in turn, revenue. Kohl’s will share how it’s utilizing Workday’s candidate self-scheduling functionality to meet its high-volume hiring needs and the value it has seen since deploying it, as well as tips and tricks for using this feature.
  • Technology: As the pace of innovation continues to grow and the amount of data continues to multiply in the technology industry, companies need to be able to quickly adapt to change and make data-driven decisions based on real-time insight. JDA Software and two other customers will share how they’re using Workday to deliver more business outcomes with a lower cost of ownership.

There are a lot more to choose from! Check out our session catalog, where you can filter sessions based on industry, topics, your role, and more.

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