Announcing the Workday and Year Up Internship Training Program

At Workday Rising, we're unveiling the Workday and Year Up Internship Training Program. This new Opportunity Onramps program marries our customers’ desire to make a positive social impact with their talent needs.

It started two years ago with a conversation on the Workday Rising stage. 

Gerald Chertavian, CEO, Year Up, had spoken to business leaders about the opportunity divide: Millions of young adults have motivation and talent, but lack access to opportunity. Year Up is a nonprofit organization that provides highly motivated young adults from disadvantaged backgrounds with a six-month training program for entry-level positions. After their training is complete they begin internships at companies, including some of the world’s biggest brands, with the opportunity to convert to a full-time position.

Meanwhile, even as many people struggle to find good avenues to meaningful employment, a study by Korn Ferry has found that a global talent shortage over the next decade will result in 85.2 million unfilled jobs and nearly $8.5 trillion in unrealized revenue. 

We hear from our own customers about job roles they’re looking to fill, with a top one being HR information systems (HRIS) analysts who can come into their organizations with a working knowledge of the Workday system, ready to hit the ground running. In fact, after listening to Chertavian speak at Workday Rising in 2017, a number of our customers became interested in Year Up and how they might participate. Customer service is a core value for us at Workday, and we took this feedback and interest to heart. 

This week at Workday Rising, I am excited to announce the Workday and Year Up Internship Training Program. Two years after seeds for the idea were planted, this new Opportunity Onramps program marries our customers’ desire to make a positive social impact with their talent needs. 

In partnership with our non-profit partner organization, Year Up, we’ve created the Workday Human Capital Management training track for participants in the program, who are 18-to-24-year-old young adults from under-resourced communities. This new track will equip smart, diverse, talented Year Up students with in-demand tech skills, and will professionally train students on the fundamentals of Workday. 

After six months of classroom training on Workday, Year Up students will be placed with interested customers in Workday HRIS roles for a six-month internship, with a goal to convert them to full-time employees at their host companies when their internship comes to an end. 

Watch this short video, which we are sharing here at the conference. 

While we’re starting with a pilot in the San Francisco Bay Area, our goal is to expand the Workday and Year Up Internship Training Program nationally so that our customers across the United States can tap into this phenomenal talent pool. If you’re interested in participating in the program, please reach out

At Workday, we’re dedicated to creating economic opportunity for all. This requires a collaborative approach—partnering with like-minded companies, nonprofit partners, educational institutions, and government. We need to work together to shift the way we think about talent and learning and job requirements, and how we review resumes. We need to rethink the way we diversify our workforce, “new skill” talent on our teams, and how we collaborate across sectors to prepare for the future of work.

After all, we’re most successful when we join forces. Let’s build the Opportunity Onramps movement together. 

Main image: Job seekers at last year’s mock interview workshop at Workday Rising. If you’re at this year’s Workday Rising, you can give back and help local job seekers by participating in the workshop on Thursday.

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