Innovation for a Changing World of Finance

Workday’s finance solutions are designed to help customers excel in the changing world of work. Check out a series of videos that showcase our latest product innovations that help finance teams increase agility, effectiveness, and insight.

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By starting with a blank page, we’ve been able to design Workday’s solutions for finance in a way that best helps our customers excel in this changing world. With transactions, planning, and analysis in one system, finance professionals can answer critical business questions with fresh insights discovered from billions of data points.

To show you what we have in mind to help finance teams increase agility, effectiveness, and insight, we’ve created a series of videos that showcase our latest product innovations. Check out the highlights below.


Barbara Larson, general manager, Workday Financial Management, says, “A changing world requires new ways of working. Ways that are smarter, faster, and more agile than ever before. Nowhere is this more important than in finance. So what does Workday have in mind to help finance meet the demands of this changing world?” To see for yourself, check out this video


With Adaptive Insights, a Workday company, you can model your business and see how things like compensation costs, or the ratio of sales to service employees, might impact your bottom line. This is only possible because we bring all your data together in one system.

Bhaskar Himatsingka, chief product officer at Adaptive Insights, says, “To be agile, you need to plan well and react quickly. But what does it mean to be truly agile? If you can prioritize your resources and align your organization around the KPIs that matter, you can react quickly when change happens.” To learn more, watch this video.


As our chief products officer at Workday, Petros Dermetzis says, “We will continue to evolve and innovate, because that’s what our customers expect. We can do this quickly and easily because we built our technology on the Power of One. This will stay true in light of acquisitions, emerging technology, and whatever else the future holds, because when you’re always evolving, you’re built for the future.” To learn more about our foundation for innovation, watch this video.

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