Innovation for a Changing World of IT

See how the newest Workday innovations are helping businesses harness real-time data and operate with agility to get ahead—and stay ahead—in a changing world.

When we built the foundation of Workday, we built an agile system designed for organizations to adapt to change. Because we architected Workday to evolve, we’re able to take advantage of new technologies—when it makes business sense for our customers—such as conversational UI, advanced analytics, and machine learning. And we can do this without customers needing to re-create their business logic or purchase a new version of Workday. In other words, it’s included in our customers’ existing cost of ownership. 

See how our newest innovations are helping businesses harness real-time data and operate with agility to get ahead—and stay ahead—in a changing world.


As our chief products officer, Petros Dermetzis, says, “We will continue to evolve and innovate, because that’s what our customers expect. We can do this quickly and easily, because we built our technology on the Power of One. This will stay true in light of acquisitions, emerging technology, and whatever else the future holds, because when you’re always evolving, you’re built for the future.” To learn more about our foundation for innovation, watch this video.


“Machine learning all starts with data. Large quantities of data that’s rich and of the highest quality. That’s what’s needed for machine learning to make a business impact, and that’s the kind of data we work with at Workday,” says Matt Grippo, vice president of software engineering at Workday. Every business decision helps train our various machine learning algorithms, and in a virtuous circle good decisions today lead to better decisions tomorrow and far into the future. To learn more about how we’re infusing machine learning into everything we do, watch this video.


“People and their needs are the reason we started Workday, but when those needs change, people need new solutions, and the solutions need to keep up. They need to flex and extend. That’s why we introduced Workday Cloud Platform,” says Erin Yang, vice president, platform technology product and strategy at Workday. To understand why we believe that Workday Cloud Platform better meets customer needs’ than standalone platform-as-a-service offerings, watch this video.


“At Workday, we’re out to create an employee experience that’s every bit as delightful as the consumer experiences we have outside of work,” says Stuart Bowness, vice president of software engineering at Workday. The Workday People Experience, he explains, is redefining the employee experience through predictive technology. To see how we’re tearing down the barriers between enterprise and consumer tech, watch this video.


“Where is analytics headed? We all know that it started with IT running and distributing reports. Then came the era of self-service tools that business analysts could use themselves,” says Denise Hemke, vice president of product management at Workday. At Workday, as Hemke explains in the video above, our tools include the kinds of dashboards and scorecards that make monitoring KPIs more insightful and efficient. To learn more about about our upcoming Workday People Analytics product, watch this video.

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