As we reflect back on 2019, we’re thankful for our customers, partners, and Workmates who make this company a great place to work. Throughout the year, we've had the incredible privilege of providing a place for members of our community to share their insights, experiences, and expertise here on the Workday Blog.

To highlight some of the great learnings that have come out of our community, in no particular order, here are some of our favorite and most popular stories of the year. 

PUMA: A Front Runner for HR Transformation

Like other multinational organizations, German apparel company PUMA faces the pressures of managing a global workforce while maintaining brand values and culture. Here's what happened when PUMA transformed the way it manages its people.

Unlocking Organizational Agility to Drive Digital Growth

This year, we conducted a global study of 998 business leaders to better understand how companies use organizational agility to successfully deliver digital products and services. Here's an overview of the results and links to research-based articles on the following topics: business planning, supporting adaptable people and processes, measurement, informed decision making, and preparing your workforce for change.

Shifts in Healthcare IT: How CIOs Can Initiate Transformation

To lead digital transformation efforts in healthcare, CIOs are shifting how they recruit and interact with employees to better engage and retain top talent. IT executive Sarah Richardson shares how her organization changed the rules for IT recruiting. 

Workday Chief People Officer: Nurture Moments That Matter

We were honored this year to be ranked #4 on Fortune’s 100 Best Companies to Work For. This recognition is about all of our 10,000+ Workmates across the globe who nurture our special culture. Our Chief People Officer Ashley Goldsmith shares several Workmate moments that mattered.

Workmates share what it takes to be a great place to work, including mentoring opportunities.

Workday CFO: How Businesses Can Plan for Uncertainty 

Businesses can plan on one certainty: uncertainty. Our Co-President and CFO Robynne Sisco discusses two key areas that finance teams and business leaders should be focused on.

From Big Gulps to Big Data: How 7-Eleven Is Driving Digital Innovation

As the world’s first convenience store, 7‑Eleven continues to find innovative ways to cater to a new generation of digitally savvy shoppers. Read how the company is staying two steps ahead of its customers’ needs by leveraging cutting-edge technology.

Video: The Most Important News From Workday Rising in 2019

Interested in learning about all the new solutions we announced for our customers at Workday Rising this year? We've consolidated the biggest takeaways from the Workday Innovation Keynote into a 15-minute video.

At Workday Rising, our Co-Founder and CEO Aneel Bhusri shared how we’re continuously innovating for customers.

Why a Midsize Company’s Best Employee Could Be the ‘Citizen Data Scientist’

You don't necessarily need formally trained experts to gain data-driven insights—others can put their (analytical) minds to it. Here's how to cultivate citizen data scientists in your midsize company.

How Automation and Machine Learning Are Reshaping the Finance Function, Part One

Here's how more advanced methods of automation, including machine learning, can help CFOs transform the finance function to be more of a strategic advisor to the business. Be sure to check out part two of the series as well. 

David's Story: How Volunteering Makes an Impact at Workday Rising

In recent years, Workday Rising attendees have been able to give back by helping job seekers hone their interview skills. A job seeker who participated in last year's mock interview workshop shares how the experience helped lead to meaningful employment.

Job seekers who participated in a mock interview workshop at Workday Rising.

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