Workday Earns High Performance Ratings from Healthcare Providers

Workday is a Top Performer in KLAS Research’s "ERP 2019 Performance in the Cloud" report, which reflects high ratings from our customers on product capabilities and our commitment to supporting their success. Here's how we ranked.

We’re excited to announce that Workday has been named a Top Performer in KLAS Research’s “ERP 2019 Performance in the Cloud” report. This comes on the heels of our recognition as Best in KLAS for the second year running.

This latest accolade reflects the high ratings our customers gave us on our product capabilities and our commitment to supporting customer success. In its evaluation, KLAS measured:

  • Customer satisfaction with product quality and functionality.
  • How products support customer integration goals.
  • How we deliver new technology to our customers.

Customers are a core value at Workday, so we’re honored to see the evaluation from KLAS Research, whose team members worked directly with our customers to gather their insights.

Deploying a New System

For healthcare organizations, deploying any type of new technology can be difficult. It’s a large task that requires dedicated resources, efficient project management, and effective change management.

When hospitals and health systems take on a third party systems integrator to support their cloud ERP software, as the vast majority of organizations interviewed by KLAS do, they still expect a high level of support from their cloud ERP vendor. This support includes a commitment to maximizing the customer’s product capabilities and to organization-wide implementation success.  

In our deployments, we provide support to our customers and implementation partners through delivery assurance, deployment reviews, and other activities throughout the project. We’re pleased to see that 100 percent of our customers surveyed by KLAS said that we met or exceeded expectations for implementation involvement.

Supporting Healthcare with the Power of One

In addition, we’re committed to continuously delivering the latest innovations to our customers as technologies advance. Our Power of One approach updates our products without requiring any process or configuration changes.

In its evaluations, KLAS Research focused on a variety of areas: culture, loyalty, operations, product, relationships, and value. Our customers consistently ranked us high in all six areas. We’re especially proud that customers rated us well above market average in “Product Works as Promoted,” since integrity is also one Workday’s core values. We’re just as proud of our exceptionally high ratings in “Executive Involvement” and “Likely to Recommend.” And, customers report optimism that we’ll continue to follow through on our development promises.

The Value of Relationship Building

Supporting our customers is key to their success and ability to drive tangible benefits. In an ever-changing industry, we understand that healthcare leaders need to reduce costs while improving patient care, better engage and retain top talent, and improve their operations through more efficient decision making.  

Our executives play a key role in providing valuable resources to support customer success. As a best practice, we gather information about customers’ needs and goals to make sure we provide a supportive, aligned approach from the very beginning. We work with third party systems integrators and regularly check in with customers to make sure they are maximizing the use and value of Workday. Having customers view us as an involved and responsive partner lets us know our approach is meaningful and valued.

On behalf of all of Workday, I want to thank our incredible growing community of healthcare customers. Their feedback continually inspires us, and we are happy they were able to candidly share their thoughts with KLAS Research.

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