How CrossCountry Is Partnering with Workday to Enable Transformation

The CFO, CHRO, and COO at CrossCountry Consulting discuss some of the challenges their organization faced and how Workday helped address them with our suite of human capital management and financial management solutions.

Many professional services firms struggle with reporting and data tracking in their legacy systems. To meet this challenge, businesses typically implement a myriad of systems to meet very specific needs for a point in time. This results in different processes for resource management, accounting, human resources, performance, expenses, recruiting, and invoice approval management. 

CrossCountry Consulting, a Workday customer and partner, was one of the many firms dealing with the repercussions of a complex and inflexible web of systems. In part because they had helped many companies deploy Workday, it became clear that they themselves could benefit from the unifying power of Workday to address their various issues. Below is a summary of what their executive leadership team conveyed to us that drove their decision to use Workday for the full-suite of human capital management (HCM) and financial management needs. 

Streamlining Financial Reporting Needs

CFOs know all too well that financial reporting is a rigorous and demanding process. As is the case with many fast-growing companies, there is a huge demand to examine their procedures and implement broad changes. CrossCountry's chief financial officer, Amy Seibel, is simplifying the organization’s internal and external financial reporting needs with Workday Financial Management

With Workday Financial Management managing all of CrossCountry Consulting’s financial data, the need to have multiple systems store the same information is eliminated, and Workday allows for the creation of up-to-date dashboards and reports that can be viewed by leaders at any time. The leadership team has the ability to seamlessly drill into data to see trends. Workday also provides senior management with instant access to critical current data, removing the need to request reports and updates from the staff and enabling them to make informed decisions. This helps eliminate manual efforts to develop reports, improve data quality, and ensure timeliness.

Creating a Seamless Process for Candidates and Employees 

For professional services firms, attracting and retaining top talent is mission critical, and it all begins with the candidate experience and onboarding process. To make sure that candidates and new employees have a smooth experience, Juliana Mastroianni, chief human resources officer at CrossCountry, is using Workday Talent Management to make it harmonious. 

Through Workday, tracking begins when candidates apply for positions. Applicants are able to create an account and enter their information, and if hired, this information becomes the baseline for their employee record in Workday.  

With Workday, employees can access the information needed to seamlessly onboard, and then begin enriching their personal data, such as skills, licenses, and certifications to help them make a great first impression on new colleagues. HR can also see the status of all the employee’s onboarding tasks and which items are still outstanding—gaining visibility into all of the employee’s information in one location.This reduces the overall level of effort associated with onboarding new employees for HR, and creates a consistent experience for all new workers.

Transforming the Employee Experience

Over the years, CrossCountry has built an operations team that delivers high-touch service to their employees. However, this team must also spend time processing data and answering basic questions, which is time that can be better spent on more value-add assignments. Amy Bjarnason, the company’s chief operating officer, is enhancing the employee, manager, and operations experience with Workday Human Capital Management.  

Workday enables employees to access their profiles and personal information through their laptop or mobile device and initiate updates themselves. In turn, managers are armed with actionable information at their fingertips and are able to track their requests to completion as they move through the approval process. This empowers employees and managers by giving them access to the right information at the right time, and ultimately gives them more time to focus on activities to help strategically support and grow the business. 

Full-suite Means Full Steam Ahead

By leveraging Workday as a full-suite platform, all of CrossCountry’s systems can be consolidated into one core system of record. The leadership team is excited to have a seamless user experience (including mobile access) for all employees and reduce the manual efforts of their HR and finance teams so they can put their attention on the work that matters most.

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