Mastercard’s Commitment to Inclusive Growth and Economic Stability

Mastercard started the Center for Inclusive Growth to create equitable and sustainable economic growth and financial inclusion. Its president, Shamina Singh, talks about the center’s commitment to making this vision a reality for all.

Mastercard, a Workday customer, created a philanthropic hub—known as the Center for Inclusive Growth—that focuses on advancing equitable and sustainable economic growth and financial inclusion around the world. 

The center leverages Mastercard’s core assets and competencies to develop independent research, scale global programs, and empower communities. Key to achieving this empowerment is financial inclusion, which connects people to secure ways for obtaining, saving, and managing money. 

Shamina Singh, president, Mastercard Center for Inclusive Growth and executive vice president, sustainability at Mastercard, discusses the center’s commitment to extending financial inclusion to the three billion people who’ve been excluded from the formal economy. Watch the video below to learn more about the work they’re doing.

Since filming during The World Economic Forum in January 2020, The Mastercard Center for Inclusive Growth has achieved its goal of bringing 500 million people into the digital economy and doubled its commitment to include a total of one billion people by 2025.

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