Workday Earns Top Healthcare Recognition for Third Year Running

We’re honored to be recognized by KLAS Research as Best in KLAS in enterprise resource planning for Workday Financial Management, Workday Human Capital Management, and Workday Supply Chain Management solutions for healthcare, and as a Category Leader in Talent Management. Learn more about our focus on healthcare customers’ needs and how they’re gaining value with Workday.

At Workday, we've spent the past year continuing to grow our healthcare community and enhancing our product offerings to help healthcare providers drive greater operational efficiency and adapt to the changing healthcare landscape. We’re honored, for the third year in a row, to be recognized by KLAS Research as Best in KLAS in enterprise resource planning (ERP) for Workday Financial Management, Workday Human Capital Management, and our Workday Supply Chain Management solutions for healthcare. We’ve also been recognized as a Category Leader in Talent Management. This recognition is particularly meaningful since it’s based on customer feedback and reflects our continued focus on driving outcomes for our customer community. 

KLAS reserves the Best in KLAS designation for software and service organizations that have the broadest operational and clinical impact on healthcare. They evaluate organizations on culture, loyalty, operations, product, relationship, and value—criteria that aligns closely with our values and the standards we commit to with our customers. 

Working directly with customers, KLAS surveys them to discover what’s working well, how organizations can improve, and how software and service organizations can better support them in the future. We take feedback from KLAS seriously and use it as a guiding light when developing and improving product functionality and services to better support our customers. As the world of work continues to change in the healthcare industry with more pressure to digitally transform and provide easy and convenient service, we tailor our approach by focusing on the specific challenges our healthcare customers face. 

Enabling Customer Success Through Training and Tools

As our community grows our focus is to help customers drive efficient operations by connecting people, cost, revenue, and clinical information, so customers can be self-sufficient in achieving their business objectives. For example, Nickolas Nyhus, vice president and head of human resources at University of Minnesota Physicians, shared how Workday is positively impacting his team, explaining, "It’s easy, it’s convenient, and users love it." 

This year, we welcomed Advocate Aurora Health, Banner Health, and Sutter Health, among many others, into the Workday community. We want our new customers to have a smooth transition into using Workday, so we focus on providing clinical and non-clinical staff, from senior executives to frontline workers, with the tools and knowledge they need to do their best work.

Depending on needs and preferences, we offer a range of offerings to support customers, including training, flexible deployment services, and customer success plans. Our training supports executives and employees, and we cater it to a variety of learning styles with sessions offered in multiple locations, including virtual and on-demand learning. Sabrina Fournier, senior Workday finance analyst at Dayton Children's Hospital, shares her experience with Workday training, stating, "I use Workday Community videos and tutorials to learn how to make our system better. I’m always looking for ways to implement new ideas to create a better experience for end users." 

Building the Workday Healthcare Community 

We take our role of facilitating increased collaboration within the industry seriously by helping customers better connect with our team and with each other. Our customers continue to share their desire to connect with other healthcare leaders, so we’ve listened. 

For example, at Workday Rising last fall, we hosted the fifth annual healthcare summit, which continues to be a beneficial forum for our customers. Workday users also have the opportunity to present at other Workday Rising sessions and attend panel discussions of peers. 

Many of our customers are active in Workday Community, a tool that provides a virtual forum for customers to share their insights, ask questions, and collaborate with other healthcare customers. We hold regular customer-led sessions to facilitate real-world, best practice collaboration which better supports customers in leveraging Workday innovation. At Workday Rising, attendees were able to not only build new connections, but also connect with colleagues they’d met virtually in the Workday Community. 

William Hudson, senior vice president and chief information officer at John Muir Health, confirms this. "Workday's been a great tool, and the Workday ecosystem has been a great community to help us drive best practices going forward in the organization," he says. 

Workday Acquisitions and Enhancements Serve Our Healthcare Community

Knowing how paramount effective supply chain management is in healthcare, we are excited by the recent acquisition of Scout RFP. Scout RFP will enable strategic focus on source-to-settle processes by adding sourcing, supplier management, and contract management. Similarly, our focus on planning remains strong to support our customers in their strategic business objectives. With Adaptive Insights Business Planning Cloud, customers can seamlessly integrate powerful, flexible planning across their organization. 

Workday also continues to strengthen our customers’ ability to make data-driven decisions by analyzing real-time financial, sales, human resources, and operational data. The insights gleaned from data allow customers to easily adapt to drive continued success.

In addition, we’ve significantly grown our healthcare services team to provide consistent and reliable service across the customer journey. Our healthcare services team helps customers get more out of their investment by providing guidance around adopting new capabilities and by supporting their business strategy roadmap.

Also, new product enhancements we’ve added this year that support our healthcare customers include:

  • Workday People Experience. Provides a personalized approach and customized experience with powerful search and recommendations for employees.

  • Workday Credentials. Simplifies and updates the credentialing process for the digital age through blockchain-powered technology. 

  • Workday People Analytics. Supports hiring, diversity and inclusion, and retention in the changing world of work. 

Satit Viddayakorn, chairman of the board, Principal Healthcare Company Limited, says, "Since partnering with Workday, we have seen significant improvements in our employee engagement and management processes, with increased transparency and collaboration between different functions of the business." 

Leading healthcare organizations continue to partner with Workday to support multiple areas of their business. In the year ahead, we remain committed to listening to and responding to customer needs and advancing as a value-added vendor as our community grows. 

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