Workday Podcast: COVID-19 and Tech Companies: Making a Positive Impact

As the global pandemic unfolded, tech companies made quick changes to business models, and invested time and resources in the fight against COVID-19. We talk to a tech and media expert from Accenture about how the industry is playing a key role in this critical time.

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COVID-19 forced many businesses to make fast adjustments to their business models to survive. Tech companies were right in the middle of it all, and as they made changes, many invested time and resources in the fight against the pandemic. Eric Noren, a managing director of communications, media, and technology at Accenture, joined me on this episode of the Workday Podcast to talk about the impact of COVID-19 on tech companies and how they’re using their resources and expertise to help fight the pandemic. 

Below you’ll find a few highlights of our conversation, edited for clarity. You can find our other Workday Podcast episodes here

  • “The key response to this situation has been extending your workplace environment to adapt to changing needs—putting the right tools in place so leaders and the workforce can keep running the business.”  

  • “An important word for tech leaders is reinvention. Take this opportunity to be different and think about employees, suppliers, and vendors, and what reinvention means for all of them. How can you reinvent yourself and create a new and sustained way of working?” 

  • “We’re seeing companies putting cash into the economy and donating funds to be used for masks. Some are manufacturing PPE and using digital technologies to 3-D print mask adjusters, face shields, and field ventilators. And others are using artificial intelligence platforms to accelerate analysis of the genomic characteristics of COVID-19 to help us understand the options for solving the crisis.”


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