Workday Podcast: Inside a Global Fintech Company’s Digital Transformation

Alfa’s head of information systems shares what it’s like leading IT for a global fintech company. As a full suite Workday customer, he also shares how the company is using our solutions to guide its digital transformation journey.

This podcast was recorded in November 2019. While the world looks a lot different today, we believe this content remains valuable for helping organizations move forward.

Alfa was a “fintech” company long before the term was widely used in financial services. Founded in London in 1990, Alfa’s software platform uses leading technologies to support companies that offer asset financing for autos, equipment, and more.

I had a great conversation with Head of Information Systems Andy Robertson that we recorded for the Workday Podcast. Robertson shared how Alfa’s digital transformation supports it through change, including an IPO in 2017 and a growing global footprint.

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Among the highlights of the podcast are Robertson’s insights as a technology leader, including what he looks for in IT talent these days. And from a Workday full suite customer perspective, Robertson discussed:

  • How Alfa is now able to support a much greater volume of reporting as a public company with Workday Financial Management.

  • Why a configuration (rather than customization) approach benefits Alfa.



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