Workday Podcast: Schnuck Markets Models Agility in Crisis

Like other essential businesses, Schnuck Markets had to become more agile during the global pandemic. Becky Fitzpatrick, director of human capital management, explains how the supermarket chain was able to quickly ramp up hiring and use technology to increase communications with customers.

Many retailers had to close their doors as the COVID-19 crisis spread around the world. But for essential retailers, the pressure was on to make fast changes so they could continue to serve their communities. For Schnuck Markets, a supermarket chain with more than 100 stores across the Midwestern United States, operating with safety and agility was—and remains—critical.  

In this episode of the Workday Podcast, Becky Fitzpatrick, director of HCM at Schnuck Markets, shares how the company has been responding to the crisis. 

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Highlights from my conversation with Fitzpatrick include the following: 

  • How Schnuck Markets hired 1,500 temporary employees to meet increased demand, and cut its “offer to hire” time to 24–48 hours, with a recruiting team of 11.

  • How the chain is using Workday to ensure employees are placed in stores nearest their homes. Not only does this help meet customer demand, but also gives employees the greatest amount of flexibility during these difficult times.

  • How Schnucks is using an app to keep customers updated on safety procedures in store. Customers can see how many people are currently in a specific store, whether or not there’s a queue to get in, and the opening hours dedicated to those who are more at risk of contracting COVID-19. 

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