Workday Podcast: Why Data Matters to Tech and Media CFOs

CFOs are always looking for new ways to mine value, and data is often an untapped treasure chest. Eric Noren from Accenture shares how CFOs in the technology and media industries can gain better insights from data—including some innovative examples.

This podcast was recorded before the global pandemic. While the world looks a lot different today, we believe this content remains valuable for helping organizations move forward and emerge stronger.

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Companies in the technology and media industries have more data than they know what to do with, and therein lies the challenge. There’s treasure to be mined, but too often it goes unfound. Their CFOs are especially focused on uncovering insights from data in order to better manage finances, retain customers, and create new revenue.

Eric Noren, a managing director of communications, media, and technology at Accenture, joined me on the Workday Podcast to discuss the changing role of CFOs in these industries, why data makes a difference, and what skills they should look for to help uncover data insights. 

Below you’ll find a few highlights of our conversation, edited for clarity. You can find our other Workday Podcast episodes here

  • “The role of the CFO has changed quite a bit in the past couple of years. It starts with the primary role of running the finance function, but also how data is used to drive enterprise value. The CFO is not only using the data, but investing in the technologies that allow the entire enterprise to use it.”

  • “The challenge for all organizations is how to take these different types of datasets and consolidate them efficiently into something that can be used in real time. We see in our research that more and more, the organization is looking to the office of the CFO to do reporting and analysis to drive insights.” 

  • “It comes down to that customer approach. How do you identify a product, service, or offer that reaches them better than the competitor? How do you create that stickiness with the customer that's informed by their behaviors and tailored to them?” 

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