A Q&A With Rory McIlroy: Welcoming Workday’s Newest Brand Ambassador

We caught up with international golf superstar and our newest brand ambassador, Rory McIlroy, ahead of the Genesis Invitational. McIlroy shares what attracted him to our partnership, how he thinks about innovation, and the best advice he’s ever received.

Today we’re excited to announce Rory McIlroy as our newest brand ambassador.

McIlroy is an international golf superstar and a member of both the European and Professional Golfers Association (PGA) Tours. His performance on the course is outstanding: McIlroy is a four-time major champion, four-time Ryder Cup winner, two-time FedEx Cup winner, and has held the number one spot in the Official World Golf Ranking for more than 100 weeks. 

Off the course, McIlroy is equally passionate about driving innovation in the sport. He serves as the lead partner of Symphony Ventures, an investment portfolio of technology companies spanning health, wellness, and golf.

We recently caught up with McIlroy to talk about what joining the Workday brand ambassador network means to him, how he uses his platform for good, and his take on supporting innovation while navigating today’s changing world. What follows is a video from McIlroy and excerpts from our conversation.


We’re incredibly excited to be teaming up with you, Rory. Can you tell us a little bit about what attracted you to this partnership and why?

Workday has been a great supporter of golf, and we both share a passion for the game and are guided by some of the same core values including innovation, integrity, and fun. Over the years I’ve gotten to know more about Workday and its leadership team, and I admire how the company approaches its business by putting its employees and communities first, while also having a strong commitment to innovation. It’s because of this, and our shared passion for using our platforms for good, that I’m incredibly excited to partner together.

Your accomplishments on the course are incredibly impressive. What excites you most about being a player on both the European and PGA Tours? 

I recognize the immense opportunities I have from both tours, which includes meeting diverse groups of people from around the world, competing on a global stage that sheds light on important causes, and more. To me, nothing beats winning tournaments and being in contention on the back nine on Sundays. Being a member of both tours also makes for a global schedule, which has always been a big part of my golfing life.

The Ryder Cup is one of the sporting world's most iconic team events. What is it like to be involved in such a high-functioning team, and what do you think are Europe's chances at the next one?

As an individual sportsman, being part of a team is an opportunity to learn from others and one that I cherish, as is the chance to step up as a leader on the European team. Every two years, 24 players from Europe and the U.S. go head-to-head in match play competition at The Ryder Cup, and I think we have a strong chance at the 2023 event in Rome. It’ll feel like a home game for me. With that said, an ambitious U.S. team will make it a big task.

What to you is the secret to supporting innovation, whether it be on the golf course or in business?

The only constant in life is change, so always striving to improve—be it on the golf course or business—is a good habit to form. For me, having a long term goal is important, and from there, it’s about focusing on short term habits to help achieve the desired outcome. It sounds simple but it has served me well over the years.

“Workday has been a great supporter of golf, and we both share a passion for the game and are guided by some of the same core values including innovation, integrity, and fun.”

Rory Mcllroy Professional Golfer

Off the course, you’re the lead partner of Symphony Ventures. Can you tell us more about that and why it’s important to you?

Every week in golf, we get to meet a variety of inspiring people in other fields. I formed Symphony Ventures to invest in private business areas that excite me. Our investments to date have centered on using technology in the realms of golf, health, wellness, and human performance.

In addition to innovation, fun is also a core value at Workday. How do you like to unwind?

I like to read a book, watch a good movie, and try new and diverse restaurants.

What is the best advice you’ve been given?

Keep life simple and don’t over complicate things. It’s a mantra I try to follow when I encounter a stressful situation. 

We can’t wait to see you sporting the Workday logo on your golf bag starting on February 17 at the Genesis Invitational in Los Angeles. Thanks for taking the time to sit down with us, Rory McIlroy, and welcome to the Workday network of brand ambassadors!

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