No matter what’s going on in the world, organizations can count on Workday’s enterprise management cloud to adapt and thrive in a changing world. More than 50% of the Fortune 500 rely on Workday every day to manage their two most important assets—their people and their money. We are the digital backbone for businesses and are mission critical in helping organizations transform and succeed. Put simply, at Workday we are shaping the new world of work.

We love our customers and, based on our 97% customer satisfaction rating, they may even love us right back. We’ve celebrated them in many different ways, and now we’re ready to shine a stadium-sized spotlight on what it means to be a rock star in the workplace with our first-ever commercial at the Big Game on Sunday, February 12. 

"This ad reflects the evolution of our brand over the past 17 years to where we are today, and supports the next stage of our growth," says Pete Schlampp, Workday Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer. "With more than 60 million people using our products, we are a household name. We see being part of the Big Game as an immense opportunity to show up for and entertain new and diverse audiences."

Workday gives finance, HR, and IT teams the power to adapt to whatever comes their way without missing a beat. Those teams are often unsung heroes in an organization, and we want to celebrate them for the rock stars of business that they are. 

True to our value of fun, we tapped a few rock and roll icons to help us turn the volume up to 11. You’ll have to check back in to see the final commercial, but we invite you backstage today to see a couple teasers.

Watch the "New Guy" teaser video featuring Ozzy Osbourne.



Watch the "Thank You" teaser video featuring Gary Clark Jr.


“Workday knows that it takes a ‘rock star’ to drive transformation, keep employees engaged, and run businesses efficiently,” Pete says. “If you high-five your co-workers as a rock star after seeing our ad in the Big Game, that’s a win in our book.”

Stay tuned over the next couple weeks for the final ad, which we hope you find as entertaining as we do. Our commercial features a few more well-known rockers beyond Gary Clark Jr. and Ozzy Osbourne (hint: Joan Jett is one, but we can’t give it all away!).

If you’re inspired, you can register and vote on all the commercials from the Big Game at USA TODAY Ad Meter. You can register to vote starting January 26; the voting doors open on February 8 and close at 10 p.m. Pacific time on February 12. 

Make sure to watch the Big Game on February 12 to see our ad, and rock on, Workday community.

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