How Workday Empowers Healthcare Professionals for Improved Patient Care

Workday's "More Time for Care" approach empowers healthcare professionals in Canada by streamlining operations and promoting a focus on patient care and continuous growth. Learn more from Workday Canada’s Colette Lepine.

“More Time for Care” is a pivotal theme Workday has embraced to revolutionise the healthcare sector in Canada. It combines efficient tools and analytics such as scheduling and planning that provide insights into data to help improve patient care and offer solutions to better support healthcare professionals. Throughout my career, I have learned the importance of prioritising self-care and celebrating successes. After nine years at Workday, it’s obvious how this approach is positively impacting the healthcare community.

We’re a true partner in advancing patient care that understands and supports the growing demands of health professionals.

The Vision and Mission Behind “More Time for Care”

Since I started my computing and communications career at the University of Ottawa, I’ve always been passionate about community service and serving the public sector. That’s what drew me to Workday. Our mission to enhance the lives of healthcare professionals and patients with a “More Time for Care” ethos resonated with my commitment to creating a healthcare environment where professionals can focus on their patients with undivided attention—a form of service to the community.

I have learned to translate this ethos on a personal level to prioritise self-care and acknowledge achievements. I encourage my team to do the same—pause, celebrate their wins, and take time for themselves when needed. I’ve found that balancing hard work and self-care ultimately brings better results for our whole team and the healthcare professionals we serve. 

Let’s talk about how Workday provides solutions for healthcare professionals that give them the time and space to focus on patient care.

Turning Challenges Into Change

Workday has emerged as a beacon of innovation and efficiency within the healthcare sector. The healthcare landscape in Canada faces various challenges and demands, including staffing, attrition, retention, burnout, and resourcing. Workday embraces these challenges as opportunities to bring on positive change. By helping healthcare organisations transform legacy systems into a unified, cloud-based system for finance and HR, Workday enables healthcare professionals to streamline and automate administrative tasks so they can allocate their time and resources more effectively and focus more time on delivering quality patient care.

Fusing human expertise with advanced analytics can improve decision-making and patient care and help us learn from each other’s successes and challenges.

We have a publicly funded system and the same issues facing patients, doctors, and other groups that we’ve always had. Still, we don’t have the administrative tools to overcome those pressures. That’s where Workday comes in. Our role in healthcare extends beyond that of a technology vendor. We’re a true partner in advancing patient care that understands and supports the growing demands of healthcare professionals.

Leading the Path Forward with Workday AI

Workday is on the cutting edge of leveraging AI technologies, introducing augmented intelligence for healthcare. But AI isn’t just about cutting-edge technology; it’s about amplifying the impact of dedicated professionals, optimising operations, and ultimately achieving the overarching goal of “More Time for Care.” Workday’s commitment to sharing knowledge and sustainable growth drives the industry forward through the efforts of human expertise and technological innovation.

Workday enables healthcare professionals to move from administrative tasks and allocate their time and resources more effectively, resulting in enhanced patient care.

This sense of collaboration is a crucial element at Workday. With human-machine teaming, we can focus on the collaboration between humans and AI, where AI supports routine tasks, enabling humans to apply their expertise and judgment for optimal outcomes. In HR, for instance, rather than spending time sifting through resumes for specific skills, recruiters can use AI to identify high-value candidates, allowing them to focus on cultivating the right talent. Generative AI enhances this process by responding to human prompts, utilising expertise for more specific and higher-quality results.

Transforming Healthcare Through Dedication and Innovation

Workday understands the unique challenges healthcare professionals face, and with “More Time for Care,” we hope to drive them toward a future where they have time to dedicate themselves fully, not to administrative work, but to patient care, self-care, continuous growth, and celebrating successes.

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