From the heart of Barcelona, Day Two of Workday Rising EMEA was truly electric. Our Innovation Keynote focused on the promise of AI-led innovation and how Workday is leading the way.

Today's agenda was rich with insights. Workday's leadership, Co-CEO Carl Eschenbach and EMEA president Angelique De Vries-Schipperijn, unpacked the transformative potential of AI during the Innovation Keynote. Chandler Morse's conversation on the EU's AI Act brought clarity on what this means for business leaders, while testimonials from Workday customers such as Equiniti, Phillips, and Sanofi showcased AI’s real-world impact.

Jim Stratton, SVP, Chief Technology Officer provided a lens into dependable AI solutions, and Patrick Owomoyela, a football icon, inspired with insights into teamwork.

You’ll find all that and more in our second recap video right here:

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