Workday Video: See How AI Will Drive Innovation in Technology and Media

At Workday Rising EMEA, we spoke to industry leaders about how AI can help technology, media and entertainment companies to deliver more personalised experiences, promote talent retention, and drive profitability.


The media, entertainment, and technology industries are no strangers to transformation. But as AI adoption accelerates, the pace of change will only increase. To deliver on consumer expectations of a curated and streamlined experience, organisations must continue to innovate and drive digital strategy to become more agile. 

In this video, filmed at Workday Rising EMEA in Barcelona, industry experts explore how AI and other emerging technologies will reshape the media and technology industries, streamlining content creation and enhancing creativity.

Join us for a conversation on how to succeed during this pivotal moment and embrace the future with confidence.

Key insights:

  • Emerging technology will continue to transform media and entertainment. AI, internet of things (IoT), and edge computing are driving “a shift toward more interactive, responsive, and personalised media experiences,” says Rajeev Sharma, a strategic industry advisor at Workday. “We are entering a future where technology is an integral part of every story told and every game played.”

  • Media and tech companies must be thoughtful about how they innovate. As AI redefines the industry's approach to productivity and culture, “the key lies in balancing technological advancement with human-centric approaches, ensuring that as we raise new tools and workflows, we also foster a culture that values creativity, collaboration, and wellbeing,” Sharma adds.

  • As AI becomes mainstream, organisations must commit to ethical use. Beyond ensuring that AI solutions are engineered safely, “we have to make sure that we are deploying these technologies in a safe and ethical way,” says Daniel Hulme, chief AI officer at technology firm Satalia. “Leaders have to make sure they have the right talent and the right perspectives.”

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