The Trust Equation: Responsible AI in EMEA

This issue explores the importance of trust in AI adoption, featuring insights from EMEA's IT leaders, expert analysis on trust challenges, and strategies for responsible AI deployment. Discover how to bridge the trust gap and secure a successful digital transformation.

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Welcome to the latest issue of smartCIO magazine, where we provide you with insights on the latest technology trends, opinions and regional perspectives from IT leaders across EMEA.

If you followed events from the World Economic Forum in Davos, then you’ll know that the topic of trust was the central narrative from the annual gathering of the world’s political and business leaders. And as AI continues to dominate the technology, media and business agendas, C-suite leaders must wrestle with the challenges of trust and responsible AI.

In this issue, we explore why the success of AI hinges on the ability of AI leaders to win the trust of the workforce and deploy the technology in a responsible way. We’ll also look at the broader role of trust across IT and how organisations are facing this challenge head on.

IT commentator Martin Veitch has seen his fair share of seismic technology shifts, and he gives his thoughts on how IT leaders can win the trust battle.

We’ll also delve deeper into a new global research study from Workday that charts the existence of a trust gap between executives and their employees – and what business leaders should be focused on if they are to close the gap.

Meanwhile, our very own Anja Fordon unpacks some of the reasons why AI excites and alienates in equal measures, as she looks beyond the fear and hype of this technology phenomenon.

In a feature with Workday customer Veolia, we look at how to build trust in a time of data insecurity.

And we’ll be joined by Workday partners Accenture and KPMG, who will be passing on tips and advice on how to build employee trust – and enthusiasm – with responsible AI and by addressing the IT skills gap.

We hope you enjoy this issue and find it useful on your own AI journey.

Angelique De Vries-Schipperijn

President, EMEA, Workday

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