Digital HR Leaders Podcast: How People Analytics Are Shaping the Future of Work

This Workday-sponsored podcast series gives HR leaders the insights they need to start building their own successful people analytics strategies.

Digital HR Leaders Podcast: How People Analytics Are Shaping the Future of Work

Workday has teamed up with the Digital HR Leaders Podcast to take a deeper look at people analytics and its role in the future of work. 

Hosted by David Green, director of Insight222 and author of “Excellence in People Analytics”, the Digital HR Leaders Podcast regularly features senior HR leaders who are pushing a data-driven and digital HR agenda.  

In this special Workday-sponsored series, listeners can hear from experts and HR practitioners from organisations including Columbia University, Phillips and Yelp, as well as Workday’s own Phil Willburn and Caroline O’Reilly. Their shared insights will help HR leaders to overcome their data challenges and start to build their own successful people analytics strategy. 

The series includes the following episodes: 

Episode 1: Prof. Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic. In this episode, Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic, Professor of Business Psychology at Columbia University and Chief Innovation Officer at Manpower Group, discusses the impact AI is having on society and our work, and how we can reclaim the qualities that make us special as humans. 

Episode 2: Carmen Orr. In this episode, Carmen Orr, Chief People Officer at Yelp discusses the strategies the company is taking to create a positive employee experience in their remote working operation, and the integral role of employee listening throughout this process.

Episode 3: Phil Willburn. In this episode, Phil Willburn, Vice President of People Analytics at Workday, discusses the impact the people analytics function at Workday has on the business, and his top tips on building a people analytics team.

Episode 4: Daniela Seabrook (available from 14 March). In this episode, Daniela Seabrook, CHRO at Phillips, discusses the importance of putting purpose at the forefront of all people strategies, and how this has guided the business towards its hybrid working model. The conversation also covers how to overcome biases, and promote collaboration in hybrid working settings. 

Episode 5: Caroline O'Reilly (available from 21 March). In this episode, Caroline O’Reilly, General Manager of Analytics at Workday discusses how companies can overcome their data challenges. Caroline will also be sharing her top tips for those companies at different people analytics maturity levels. 

All episodes of the Workday sponsored series can be found here.

David Green, host of the Digital HR Leaders Podcast, also recently joined Workday’s Greg Thomas to discuss the role people analytics can play in helping to shape the future of work. You can find that episode of the Workday Podcast here.

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