A lot can happen in 18 years. You can raise a child to near adulthood. Grow a sapling into a sturdy tree. And for us here at Workday, we’ve achieved a milestone that deserves both reflection and celebration. 

Workday broke into the enterprise software market in 2005 with a fresh vision for customer success that has evolved to empower people across finance, HR, IT, and planning. And as chief customer officer, I’m delighted to share our recently achieved milestone: 10,000 customer organizations across the globe!

We’ve reached this milestone after years of building empathetic relationships with our customers and truly listening to them, then delivering the innovations they need to take on a changing world. Their stories fuel our story as a leader in enterprise cloud applications. And we believe every individual customer within those 10,000 organizations should be recognized as the rock star they are.

We celebrate their successes and help them remain agile to work through any challenges. The government leaders who modernized their technology to better serve their constituents. The operations leader committed to providing a better employee experience to frontline workers. The CFO of a global real estate firm who led a successful digital transformation through the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.

And while space is limited for stories about all 10,000 customers (and their collective 60 million users), I do want to share three inspiring things I deeply appreciate about Workday customers as we hit this milestone.

They Continuously Innovate

The world doesn’t stand still, and neither do our customers. They know that to stay competitive in the new world of work, they must be able to innovate more and grow faster. And we’re proud to innovate alongside them.

Take, for example, Workday customer loanDepot:

 “Our partnership with Workday has resulted in my team now being able to work off a cutting-edge platform and provide so much more meaningful data, information, recommendations, and strategies to our business partners as we adapt in a changing environment.”

Nicole Carrillo Executive Vice President and Chief Accounting Officer loanDepot

Innovation can take many forms, including the investments we’ve made to have artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) at the core of our connected system of Workday solutions. We’re delighted when customers share the successes they’re achieving with these innovations, such as how they’re able to surface needed skills across their organizations, achieve more accurate financial reporting, and get informed recommendations on spending decisions.

A leader at  Workday customer Drury Hotels shares this viewpoint:

 “We’re excited about what Workday is doing in Machine Learning. Machine Learning is going to truly transform how our teams are doing work. I think it's shifting our teams from just tasks and manual work to actual value-added work.”

Ryan Schlimpert Vice President and CIO Drury Hotels

It’s important to acknowledge that we’ve reached our 10,000 customer milestone on the fundamental belief that innovations don’t happen in a vacuum. We innovate based on what our customers have to say and how we anticipate evolving business needs, and this co-innovation is what’s truly exciting.

They’re Doing Good In the World

Our customers have embraced the idea of being a force for good in their communities. They strive to positively treat workers, customers, communities, shareholders, and the environment and build lasting change. In Forbes’ Just 100 list of 100 companies doing right by the world, many are Workday customers. 

And for the third consecutive year, Workday has been named one of The World’s Most Ethical Companies® by Ethisphere Institute, an honor we share with more than 50 Workday customers and partners on the honoree list of 135 organizations.

We operate in an ecosystem that places trust and values front and center. By sharing high ethical standards and integrity, we’ve strengthened partnerships with our customers and how we collaborate. They motivate us to improve and re-envision how we can better serve our community as the world around us evolves.

And we’re committed to responsible AI that augments humans, not displaces them. Knowing that our customers are among the world’s most ethical companies means that we can deliver on the potential of AI and ML and drive positive societal outcomes. 

We Can Rely On the Workday Community

Our customers are part of a powerful community that also includes Workday teams, expert partners, and a collaborative peer group that’s second to none in the enterprise software industry. We connect and learn from each other—not just about technology, but how to better our lives, teams, businesses, and neighborhoods. 

One of my guiding principles as a leader is to bring people along for the journey. We can’t operate in silos to build things at scale.The tight-knit Workday community helps drive innovation and improve processes and operations.Together, we can build a brighter work day for all. 

By listening, understanding, and collaborating, we can achieve more than we ever thought possible. And I’m inspired by our customer community as we embrace the future of work together. Cushman & Wakefield, with 52,000 employees in 60 countries, understands this as a customer.

“We can grow alongside Workday. We can adopt future functionality and feature functionality without having to reimplement our foundation and without having to do a lot of rework. Wherever we're headed, we have a strong partner in Workday.”

Amrita Bains Systems Director Cushman & Wakefield

You can build strong, beautiful things in 18 years. At Workday, we’re grateful for the successful partnerships we’ve built—and we can’t wait to see what our talented customers do next.

Main photo: Customers at Workday Rising in 2022.

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