Best in KLAS: Serving as a True Partner for Our Healthcare Community

For the seventh year in a row, KLAS Research has ranked us as Best in KLAS in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) for Workday Financial Management, Workday Human Capital Management, and Workday Supply Chain Management for Healthcare based on feedback from our customers.

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The needs in the healthcare industry continue to evolve at a rapid pace. Organizations are driving innovation for clinical diagnostics and care delivery to reduce the cost of care and improve quality and outcomes. But, to enable their full potential, healthcare organizations must also accelerate digital transformation for their enterprise resource planning (ERP) and talent solutions. At Workday, we’re committed to helping our healthcare customers fulfill their mission of providing high-quality patient care, and we do so by arming our customers with proven solutions and continuous technology innovation.

Our company core value of customer service remains paramount in every decision we make. Every year, KLAS Research, a leading research organization for the healthcare industry, speaks directly to our customers for candid and honest feedback about our performance. KLAS Research shared, “Each report is filled with recommendations and best practices from actual customers that KLAS interviews. We carefully validate that each and every product review was given by an actual person directly involved with the solution being measured, so you can trust the insights.” 

“KLAS is a highly respected and trusted resource for healthcare leaders making business-critical ERP vendor decisions,” said Healthcare Group Vice President Shannon McGovern. “Its research provides us with invaluable insights into how IT leaders leverage Workday to drive greater impact across their organizations.”

Honored by the feedback from our customers, we’re pleased to share that for the seventh year in a row, KLAS Research has recognized us as Best in KLAS in enterprise resource planning (ERP) for Workday Financial Management, Workday Human Capital Management, and Workday Supply Chain Management for Healthcare.

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Listening to the Needs of Healthcare Organizations

We consistently welcome and use customer feedback to guide our innovation choices. We want to evolve our solutions where it really matters—and our customers are the experts in this area.

“One of the most important parts of my role,” said Workday Chief Customer Officer Sheri Rhodes, “is ensuring that we’re delivering meaningful value to our customers throughout every step of their journey with Workday. This includes enabling them to deploy with confidence and successfully adopt Workday technology.”

Valuing insights from our healthcare community remains a top priority. In anonymous customer feedback from KLAS, one executive shared, "Workday does a good job of engaging with their community, taking feedback, and turning that feedback into solutions. The vendor has a good system in place, and they do a lot of innovative work. Workday is also good about sending release notes. We have representatives from Workday, and they will escalate things if we need them to.”1

“Workday provides Banner Health with an integrated platform that helps us drive the engagement of our team members and leaders.”


Julie Ann Alvarado Dubek Chief Human Resources Officer Banner Health

Partnering With Our Customer Community

We know true partnership is what leads to lasting impact. Building and sustaining the trust of our customers helps us deliver positive results. One CIO shared, “Workday has been an exceptionally good partner. They have a good governance model, and their product is very good. Workday is very responsive and also has an excellent customer success management program. The vendor has a very good customer base that shares information and great customer service. Workday is the kind of partner we want in the future.”2

Transparent dialogue is key to a successful partnership. That’s one reason why we’re proud of our Workday Community portal, a site where our customers can connect with others within their industry and share best practices. 

One executive told KLAS, “The cool thing about Workday is they have Workday Community, which is where we have a lot of conversations and also vote on and push to have certain things put into the product. That is a collective bargaining power that all of the customers have.”3

Value Realized for Customers Across Business Functions 

Finance and IT Benefits

Healthcare is constantly pushed to do more with less, so having a technology solution that can improve efficiency—Workday Financial Management—is key. 

Tim Fitzgerald, vice president, treasury and financial systems at Geisinger, said, “We look for transformation that will reduce cost, increase efficiency. With that level of efficiency, we become more advisory—helping the clinical and operations teams understand the expenses they’re managing. That’s where the partnership between IT and finance becomes powerful.” 

In addition to driving efficiency, we’re also helping our customers reduce costs by consolidating on one platform. For example, one health system executive shared with KLAS, “Thanks to our switch to Workday, we have eliminated over a dozen applications. Some of our old systems were pretty cheap, but from a labor, maintenance, support, and usability standpoint, jumping between five or six applications to do one task is much more cumbersome.”4

One CFO discussed their successful Workday deployment and how throughout the project their clinical operations were never interrupted. “I could not be prouder of the Workday go-live and the outstanding job the team did. We learned a few lessons, and I expected that. Overall, I would call it a huge success; I couldn't be happier. We didn’t shut down the hospital, turn away patients, or cancel any procedures.”5

“Workday Supply Chain Management has improved our user experience and provides access to key information.” 

Steve Ellis Vice President of Supply Chain Management Franciscan Alliance

HR Wins

Sharing how Workday Human Capital Management has helped the team, Julie Ann Alvarado Dubek, chief human resources officer at Banner Health, said “Workday provides Banner Health with an integrated platform that helps us drive the engagement of our team members and leaders. This will help us meet the needs of our communities and become a trusted health partner.” 

As a purpose-driven company, being able to support healthcare organizations in moving their missions forward is meaningful and rewarding for Workday as a technology partner. 

A COO from another organization shared, “The biggest thing we are seeing with Workday HCM is that we have integrated data, so we are all using the same data set and not seeing disparate data at different times.”6

Supply Chain Success

Franciscan Alliance’s Vice President of Supply Chain Management Steve Ellis discusses the supply chain successes the team has realized, saying, “Workday Supply Chain Management has improved our user experience and provides access to key information. The capabilities provide efficiencies and automation that drive operational effectiveness.” 

And one healthcare CEO/president added their praise of Workday Supply Chain Management by sharing, “Supply chain is a developing space where I think Workday is outpacing its competitors.” 

Our Proven Leadership and Continued Commitment 

Earning the top ranking for both ERP and Talent Management from KLAS Research year over year for the value we contribute to our healthcare customer community is an honor. We’ll continue to listen to feedback from our customers and invest in industry-specific innovation and technology that moves healthcare forward. 

One customer CIO in feedback to KLAS shared insights on the benefits their team is seeing since moving away from on-premise solutions: “Since Workday is cloud based, we have the ability to automatically receive product enhancements. We can now continually refresh our own business based on new functionality instead of running it on outdated platforms that had not been kept up.”7

Another CIO noted, “We are happy with the core functionality of the product. It is a good platform, and I appreciate the fact that it has one code base. Also, the amount of effort that our team has to put in for upgrades is very minimal. There is some testing of new features but nowhere close to the level of effort we have to put in for other systems.”8

Healthcare as an industry continues to evolve, and so do the needs of our healthcare customers. At Workday, we’re ready to evolve with them every step of the way, to support that change and see our customers thrive. 

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