Dave Duffield

Co-Founder and Chairman

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  • On Campus With Workday

    With two kids in college and three more close behind, like any parent, I hope for the best possible experience for them. I want them to have a clear understanding of the course paths they’ll need to take to earn their degrees, course availability, other interesting on-campus opportunities, and so forth. I want them to feel that their universities are supporting their needs and guiding them through their college years. And, of course, being an information systems guy, I want them to have easy access to all the course and college information they need, which in this age means a social and mobile experience.

    Dave Duffield September 09, 2013
  • The Power of One

    I’ve obviously been to many customer conferences, and still, year after year, the Workday Rising conference amazes me with the positive mood that prevails when our customers, partners, employees, and even some prospective customers gather together.

    Dave Duffield November 10, 2010
  • Innovation Through the Generations

    I've been looking for opportunities to innovate for more than 40 years, having always been captivated by each new generation of technology and the gains it can bring to business—from the mainframe through client-server and now to SaaS and the Cloud. I've founded five companies in my career, and it's no secret that Workday is likely my last—and it also feels like the best. For one simple reason: We're clearly saving our customers time and money.

    Dave Duffield June 29, 2010