Raphael Bres

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  • Notes from the Road: What We Learned from CFOs

    While most of my time is spent with the Workday Financial Management development team, in recent months I’ve also spent a good amount of time outside the office. At events we hosted or participated in, I had great conversations with customers, partners, and prospective customers, many of whom are CFOs. I listened to CFOs talk about the complexity of managing mergers and acquisitions (M&A) as well as the ongoing challenges of the everyday task of reporting.

  • Workday 22: Simpler, Faster, and Smarter Finance Management for Large Enterprises

    With every Workday update, we ask ourselves the same question: How can we meet the requirements of large enterprise customers in a way that's simpler, faster, and smarter? Below I highlight several new features in Workday 22, announced today, that demonstrate how we're delivering on that promise. It's just a sample of all the new functionality we've added to Workday Financial Management in this update—including more than 25 major new features—and as always, our customers have the flexibility to "turn on" any feature at their convenience.