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  • Why Multi-tenant SaaS is the Best Alternative to ERP Software

    CIOs who are considering SaaS hear all sorts of things from ERP software vendors hoping to tap into the momentum of cloud computing. Among the most common is that multi-tenancy is a “techie” thing that doesn’t need to be part of the conversation. Here’s another common one: “Multi-tenant? Sure, we can do multi-tenant, single-tenant, whatever you need!” In either unfortunate case, the term “multi-tenant” might mean anything the vendor chooses it to mean, including nothing at all.

  • Four Critical Requirements of SaaS Integrations

    While there are many similarities to integrations that occur strictly within our own data centers, some aspects of SaaS integrations require fresh thinking. Ideally, certain SaaS integration requirements should be checked off as part of a SaaS candidate’s evaluation, and long before any integration begins. These are among the most critical of those requirements: