Workday Rising: Made for the Changemakers

After three years Workday Rising is back and brighter than ever. At this year’s event we’ll celebrate Changemakers, and attendees can choose from two digital paths to access hundreds of sessions at our flagship customer conference. Learn more from our Chief Marketing Officer Christine Cefalo.

As I hurry toward my destination, my anticipation builds with the rising sounds of laughter, music, and conversation. This moment has been months in the making, and I’ll soon reconnect with people I admire and enjoy spending time with. I enter the room and am instantly engaged in fascinating discussions with talented people who inspire me and feel enveloped in the positive energy of an inclusive and warm community.

I’ve reminisced about this feeling for three years. It might read like I’m reflecting on a much anticipated reunion with longtime friends (in a way you could say that I am), but I’m reliving that rush I get the first time I walk into the Expo at Workday Rising, our global flagship conference for our incredible community of customers. 

It’s been a long three years indeed, and I’m thrilled the wait is finally over! We’re back for a reimagined Workday Rising in Orlando, Florida, September 12-15 and Workday Rising Europe in Stockholm, Sweden, November 15-17. With our new digital experience attendees can choose how they want to engage in the robust content and experiences from Workday Rising, when and where they want.

You’re ready for the future, and at Workday Rising we’ll not only celebrate the Changemakers you are, we’ll also help you drive change in your organization in this dynamic world.

Championing Change at Work

We don’t have to tell you how the world, communities, and businesses changed since the last time we came together for Workday Rising. You went through it. You adapted, pivoted, planned, and replanned for your organizations more times than you can count. As the challenges at work kept coming, you realized you’re more resilient and prepared for the future than you thought. You started to look at challenges as opportunities to innovate, and you made things better than they were before. After years in this rhythm, you weren’t just going through change, you were making it. That’s why we chose to make “Changemakers” the theme for this year’s event. 

You’ve emerged stronger and are ready to make even bolder decisions for your organization with technology that propels you forward. You’re ready for the future, and at Workday Rising, we’ll not only celebrate the Changemakers you are, we’ll also help you drive change in your organization in this dynamic world.

Workday for You

We’ve welcomed thousands of new customers, partners, and employees to our community over the last few years, and for many of you this will be your first Workday Rising. We built this conference for you, and there’s something for everyone whether you’re joining us in-person or through our new digital experience.

If you’re in finance, HR, IT, or anything in between, we’ll share the latest news and roadmaps for the tools and resources you need to succeed in today’s world. During our keynote sessions, Workday leaders will also share our vision on how we’ll support our customers far into the future. If you’re eager to learn how to get even more out of Workday, then Workday Rising is where you can learn from thousands of other customers who are on the exact same product versions as you, as we’ve never followed the complex road of the legacy, multi-version software vendor world. 

You can join sessions targeted to your role and your industry. With hundreds of sessions and learning opportunities starting each morning, you can attend deep-dive product sessions, brainstorm with peers during a “Braindate,” hear how other customers are accelerating digital transformation, learn new strategies for adapting to a changing world, and get inspired to take action in your own organization by dinnertime. 

Through our new digital experience, attendees can choose from two digital paths: The Digital Discovery Pass and the Global Digital Access Pass. The Digital Discovery Pass gives attendees livestream and on-demand access to most Workday Rising keynotes, while those choosing the Global Digital Access Pass will have livestream and on-demand access to more than 300 Workday Rising sessions—including most keynotes—and the ability to network and engage in real-time discussions with their peers directly in the digital platform.

We built this conference for you, and there’s something for everyone whether you’re joining us in-person or through our new digital experience.

Let’s Rise

I’ve had the pleasure and privilege of being part of Workday Rising for over a decade, and when people ask me to share what this conference means to me, it’s hard to put into words. I admit I’m biased, but those who’ve attended past Workday Risings may know what I’m talking about. Aneel Bhusri, our co-founder, co-CEO, and chairman, talks about how it’s more important than ever for companies to have a soul—truly caring for our customers and the communities where we live and work. There’s no better place where this spirit and our core values come to life than at Workday Rising. 

So join us for this special time where our community unites to learn, empower one another, have a ton of fun—and make new memories together. We’ll share much more about what to expect at the event in the coming weeks, and I can’t wait to experience Workday Rising together where we’ll not only face change, but champion it. Changemakers, it’s time to rise!

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