Workday Ventures: Investing in Changemakers to Meet This Moment

As we approach our Workday Rising conference, we’re taking a moment to reflect on the progress we’ve made at Workday Ventures to invest in and support companies that offer innovative technologies and are complementary to Workday’s solutions—and help our customers adapt to the changing world around us.

It’s been a difficult few years for our world, and organizations have had to adapt quickly to meet the rapidly evolving needs of their workforces and businesses. Every company has done this differently, but the ones that are succeeding share something in common: the use of innovative technology. We’ve seen that when companies have access to the right technology to help inform, drive, and report change, they have the power to become what we refer to as “Changemakers”—those who rise to meet today’s challenges and leverage change to their advantage. 

As we approach this year’s Workday Rising, we’re taking a moment to reflect on the progress we’ve made at Workday Ventures to invest in and support companies that offer innovative technologies that are complementary to Workday’s solutions, and help our customers adapt to the changing world around us. 

Across our portfolio, these companies and their emerging software are making workplaces and enterprises:

More agile. The ability to rapidly turn data from multiple areas of the business into actionable insights enables organizations to make better decisions and achieve smarter outcomes. TealBook leverages artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to provide a unified, enriched supplier data foundation that enables organizations to create a resilient, agile, and socially responsible supply chain. Clari’s Revenue Platform connects revenue-critical employees, processes, and systems to drive a breakthrough in revenue precision. SkyHive delivers labor market intelligence to inform future talent needs, benchmark talent against competitors, and drive strategic workforce planning. And Prevedere offers econometric forecasting powered by global data and AI for advanced predictive planning solutions.

Proactive. Monitoring and mitigating potential risks to the business not only makes the organization more secure but leads to greater trust with customers. The Trust Intelligence Platform from OneTrust connects workflows across privacy, risk, ethics, and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) programs to help organizations understand and measure trust. Securiti provides sensitive data intelligence and automation to address security, privacy, governance, and compliance obligations around data. And Flatfile offers an intelligent data importing solution to automate and secure data exchange processes.

Smarter. Automation reduces mundane tasks, freeing teams to focus on strategy and execution. Expent delivers an intelligent vendor life cycle management platform to help companies buy and manage vendors, and save time and money. Auditoria provides an AI-based platform to automate and increase the speed, accuracy, and productivity of accounts payable and receivable teams. Papaya Global offers a global payroll platform to automate global workforce management, payroll, and payroll payments across 160+ countries for all types of employment. Automation Anywhere delivers intelligent robotic process automation software to accelerate and streamline business processes from start to finish. Aisera delivers a contextual conversational AI-platform to automatically and proactively support and resolve employee and customer service requests. And Paradox provides a conversational recruiting platform to automate the talent acquisition process through mobile-first, consumer-grade experiences that candidates and recruiters love.

When companies have access to the right technology to help inform, drive, and report change, they have the power to become what we refer to as “Changemakers”—those who rise to meet today’s challenges and leverage change to their advantage.

Connected. Enabling integrations creates greater connectivity among organizations, leading to faster decision-making. Workato delivers a low-code/no-code enterprise automation platform that enables enterprises to integrate their data and automate workflows across their organization. FinLync aggregates global banking application programming interfaces (APIs) to deliver embedded real-time payments and cash management, which reduces the time and cost for companies to connect to their banks. And Sora provides a low-code/no-code solution to automate tasks and integrate across systems for a seamless, engaging, and efficient onboarding experience. 

Employee-centric. Companies are striving to better meet employees’ evolving needs and are using data and technology to personalize the employee experience. Topia delivers a global talent mobility platform to enable companies to attract and retain top talent by supporting the flexibility employees want. WorkBoard’s strategy execution platform helps organizations align on long range strategy and objectives and key results (OKRs), streamline monthly business reviews, and focus weekly check-ins on outcomes. Legion delivers an AI-powered workforce management platform to optimize labor efficiency and employee engagement. Northstar delivers a financial wellness solution to help employees better utilize their total compensation and make financial decisions. Beamery provides a single solution for every stage of the talent lifecycle, enabling enterprises to drive more human talent experiences and unlock the skills and potential of their global workforce. And Blink offers a mobile application to connect front-line workers to everything they need in one place to increase employee engagement and productivity.

Empowered. Technology to enable greater learning and training opportunities is becoming more critical, especially in today’s hybrid working environment. Strivr provides a leading enterprise virtual reality (VR) platform for Fortune 1000 companies to elevate workforce performance through immersive experience. eduMe provides a mobile-based training platform for deskless workers, equipping them with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed through bite-sized learning content, assessments, surveys, and videos. And BetterUp delivers personalized coaching experiences at scale to empower employees on their development journeys to accelerate organizational performance and growth. 

More inclusive. Companies understand the importance of committing to equity, leading to greater diversity and inclusion in their workplaces. Pipeline provides recommendations to ensure the key people decisions companies make each year are equitable—all while reaping the associated positive economic opportunity. Landit delivers personalized coaching and career pathing technology to increase the success and engagement of everyone in the workplace. And pymetrics, a Harver Company, provides AI-driven behavioral insights to create more efficient, effective, and fair talent processes across the talent life cycle.

Healthier. Organizations realize the value of providing wellness opportunities at work, leading to greater employee happiness and wellbeing. League provides an engaging health and benefits experience to improve costs and employee health outcomes. Wellthy transforms family care by providing personalized care support to help employers and their employees with the complex logistical and administrative tasks of care and care planning. And Noyo connects and simplifies the employee benefits ecosystem and experience with a modern API-powered platform connecting insurance carriers to benefits administration systems. 

Investing in Changemakers

The world needs Changemakers now more than ever before, and we see great value in what our Ventures partners can provide. Whether it’s reinventing and elevating the way people live and work, automating key functions of the business, or using data analytics to drive bottom-line results, one thing is clear: They are all extending the value proposition for our customers.  

For those who will be at Workday Rising, please join us—and learn more about all of our portfolio companies—at the Ventures Partner Innovation Zone at the Workday Experience and Expo.

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