Announcing Our 2023 Workday Partner Innovation Award Winners

The Workday Partner Innovation Awards honor select services and software partners for their commitment to powering our customers’ success by extending key Workday solutions. Read on to learn this year’s winners.

We’re dedicated to helping our customers navigate a constantly changing business world. A key piece in empowering our customers to succeed is our extensive partner ecosystem, which helps deliver specialized solutions to meet business-critical needs. 

To honor our services and software partners for their outstanding innovations and best-in-class solutions, we created the Workday Partner Innovation Awards and announced our first winners in 2021—and then we did it again in 2022. Now in our third year, we’re thrilled to highlight the next round of winning solutions.

The Workday partner ecosystem is essential to ensure our joint customers have the necessary tools to navigate a changing world. So, let’s open the envelopes—here are the winners of our third annual Workday Partner Innovation Awards by category: 

Workday Services Partner Industry Innovation Awards

Education and Nonprofit: Accenture

Request-Based Security Access 

Protecting an organization’s people, intellectual property, and data while using technology responsibly is paramount in today’s digital age. Accenture’s solution leverages organizations’ investment in Workday to streamline and solidify security provisioning and system access across application portfolios. Not only does this solution provide security for Workday Financial Management and Workday Human Capital Management (HCM) but also for mission-critical applications and custom solutions across the organization, putting Workday at the heart of data protection across campuses. Accenture’s Workday Extend solution eliminates manual processes and reduces errors—and improper system/data access—while enabling a fully auditable solution.

Financial Services: Huron

Bank Margin Planning 

Huron’s Bank Margin Planning solution allows banks to increase productivity by elevating their planning processes from one-time, manual exercises to real-time, technology-enabled performance assessments that result in faster budget closing and forecast cycles. Built on Workday Adaptive Planning, the solution’s combination of in-depth modeling capabilities, including an event-based calculation engine, and the increased visibility of an all-in-one, real-time dashboard enables an organization to focus less on managing regulatory and accounting complexities and truly focus on its core business.

Government: Accenture

Payment Intercept for Government 

Accenture’s Workday Extend Payment Intercept solution gives government entities a fully auditable approach to collect debt and offset payments to individuals and companies based on monies owed to U.S. state and local governments. This solution extends Workday Financial Management capabilities and supports a critical business process for U.S. state governments and large municipalities, which have specific rules around how much debt can be assessed at once, and which payments debts can or cannot be assessed. This highly configurable and flexible solution drives automation, reduces manual efforts, and removes complexity, allowing organizations to leverage Workday as their digital core. It also creates meaningful business solutions with the same user experience and security model.

Healthcare: CrossVue

Savings and Business Transformation Through Epic Integrations 

CrossVue has developed deployment-ready, prebuilt Workday integrations with Epic. With CrossVue’s solution, healthcare clients can achieve clinical transformation in supply chain processes, syncing item master changes from Workday to Epic, and receiving inventory depletions upon posting of surgical procedures in Epic. This solution allows clients to transform human resources (HR) processes—worker access requests and break-the-glass procedures are automated as part of CrossVue’s full suite of integrations with Epic. These packaged integrations streamline Workday Financial Management processes, automating posting of revenue journals and patient refunds from Epic’s professional billing and hospital billing modules.

Professional Services: Kainos

Manage Contingent Worker 

Kainos’ Manage Contingent Worker solution simplifies the management of contingent workforce in Workday HCM by enabling managers and support team members to initiate three common processes for their contingent worker (CW) population. Using a new Manage Contingent Worker dashboard, managers can add a CW, change the contract end date, change the CW’s organization assignment, and change the CW’s contact details. This solution reduces the complexity of managing CWs, saves time and effort, and improves managers’ user experience.

Retail: CrossVue

Retail Demand Forecasting 

CrossVue collaborated with a nationwide retail organization to deploy an automated financial planning solution that leverages Workday’s intelligent demand forecasting. This solution enables customers to generate volume forecasts on demand, facilitating scenario and continuous planning. By collecting point-of-sale information from the client’s stores into Workday Financial Management and Workday Prism Analytics, and then publishing the transformed data into Workday Adaptive Planning, the customer was able to leverage the embedded machine learning algorithms to predict future volumes by store by time. These volumes can then be used to drive both financial and workforce plans.

Technology and Media: Accenture

Digital Revenue Operations Solution 

In most organizations, quote-to-cash (Q2C) processes actively involve sales, sales operations, finance, legal, partner programs, customer success, and even HR—making them unique among enterprise systems. Customer touchpoints abound throughout, yet many Q2C steps simply aren’t built to directly engage with customers, even when they should. The goal is to establish connected sales and revenue operations using Salesforce and Workday Financial Management at the core. With Workday’s reporting and analytics platform, organizations can better understand profitability and revenue forecasting, knowing where to make future investments in their portfolio of offerings.

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG): PwC

Carbon Ledger ESG Greenhouse Gas Inventory and Reporting 

The carbon ledger is PwC’s innovative solution for effectively tracking and reporting on greenhouse gas emissions, calculating scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions using greenhouse gas protocols, in compliance with global regulatory requirements. Carbon business process transaction control design meets stringent audit and assurance requirements for greenhouse gas disclosure and reporting. Integrations bring your energy activity data together then, using leading global emissions factors, calculates carbon impacts—all delivered in a familiar Workday user experience. The solution is enabled by Workday Extend, Workday Adaptive Planning, and Workday Prism Analytics; by reporting, forecasting, scenario modeling maps; and by carbon neutral journeys.

Cross-Industry (CFO): Huron

Project Cost and Labor Transfer 

Huron’s Project Cost and Labor Transfer applications were built leveraging Workday Extend, combined with custom integrations to create accounting journals or time blocks to effectively transfer costs or time blocks en masse. These applications enable end users to search for expenses and time blocks requiring correction and then indicate the new worktags to which they should transfer. This replaces the process of submitting paper requests for corrections and a central group manually revising the time sheets or creating accounting journals to fulfill the request. The result is a more time-efficient, accurate, and secure process contained in Workday.

Cross-Industry (CHRO): Deloitte

Agile@Scale: A Workforce Resource Management Solution 

Deloitte designed and delivered a solution that enables teams to quickly and painlessly source workers from a skilled talent pool and allows for greater visibility into work opportunities. The solution is the largest agile-at-scale Workday workforce management platform for a telecom organization in the Asia-Pacific region. This leading-edge solution uses Workday HCM as its foundation, with Workday Projects, Workday Adaptive Planning, and Workday Prism Analytics built on top of it. Workday HCM is the source of all worker data, Workday Projects and Workday Adaptive Planning are core to the demand-supply modeling functionality, and Workday Prism Analytics supports reporting. 

Integrated Software Vendor Solution: Alight

Benefits Application Interface 

Alight’s Benefits Application Interface provides a seamless integration for customers between Workday and Alight Worklife, an artificial intelligence-powered employee experience platform utilizing application programming interfaces (APIs) for near-real-time data flow. By simplifying a complex integration architecture with a preconfigured solution, customers can enjoy a quicker deployment timeline and remove the need for internal integration monitoring, which is handled by the Alight team. The interface configuration is also highly flexible, meaning it can accommodate a variety of unique customer requirements with very little effort needed.

Workday Software Partner Innovation Awards

Healthcare: ShiftWizard

Advanced Staff Scheduling Integration for Healthcare

ShiftWizard by HealthStream® is a healthcare scheduling solution that helps connect, engage, and empower teams with the benefits of Workday. This SaaS solution delivers integrated workforce automation capabilities including scheduling, productivity, communication, forecasting with machine learning, float pool management, and more. When scheduled shifts change, the integration updates payroll while documenting events. This allows ShiftWizard to track and report on payroll hours, accruals, approved time off, and time sheets. Workday custom tags map to ShiftWizard work rules, a flexible way to automate adjustments.

Financial Services: Avalara

AvaTax for Workday

Avalara helps Workday Financial Management customers achieve compliance with transactional taxes, including sales and use, value-added tax (VAT), excise, communications, and other tax types. The AvaTax for Workday integration calculates sales and use tax amounts and populates them into Workday Financial Management. The integration offers configuration, address validation, tax calculation and posting, and error recovery reconciliation.

Cross-Industry (CHRO): Paradox

Paradox for Workday

Paradox for Workday helps enhance the candidate and recruiter experience throughout the hiring process. Paradox for Workday uses a job feed API to sync jobs hosted in Workday Recruiting to Paradox’s conversational recruiting software. Then, Paradox’s conversational assistant can engage with candidates through a text conversation or on the career site, which provides candidates a faster, simplified job search. Once a candidate has applied and been screened, Paradox integrates with Workday for interview scheduling, enabling recruiters to trigger automated scheduling through step and status from within Workday or via a browser extension to reduce the multiscreen problem for recruiting teams.

Moving Forward Together

“Our partner ecosystem plays a pivotal role in bolstering innovation and delivering high-quality solutions to help our joint customers succeed,” says Matt Brandt, Workday senior vice president, global partners. “We are beyond grateful for their continued collaboration in extending the Workday vision.”

Congratulations to our services and software winners, and a sincere thank you to all of our partners for helping us power the success of our joint customers. See you next year!

Curious about Workday’s services and software partners? Explore our partner ecosystem and discover how you can accelerate time to market, deploy new capabilities, and integrate third-party solutions.

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