Introducing Accelerate with Workday

Accelerate with Workday makes it easier than ever for companies to get started and see results with Workday—realizing 42% faster time to value. Learn how this new program helps keep organizations moving forever forward.

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You learn a lot from helping 10,000 global customers from all kinds of industries embrace the future of work. At Workday, we’ve gained deep experience and insights into the complex and ever-changing needs of organizations and what makes them successful. 

And we know that business leaders want a streamlined buying experience to achieve immediate value from your technology investments, while also setting your organizations up for sustained value moving forward. You need solutions that optimize your people, data, and technology. But with limited resources and time, it can be challenging to get started.

That’s why we launched Accelerate with Workday—a new program that makes it simple for organizations to begin using the Workday platform, gain faster time to value, and leverage Workday’s full capabilities over time. It’s paramount that our customers achieve rapid success with our solutions, services, and resources.

“Workday must continue to be agile and continuously evolve the way we work and support our customers against the backdrop of an ever-changing, competitive market,” says Doug Robinson, co-president, Workday. “This is the  lens through which we’ve developed Accelerate with Workday. This program is ideal for medium-sized businesses to benefit from the power of automation and AI from the first day they go live.”  

Get to Know Accelerate with Workday

With Accelerate with Workday, we partner with customers to create immediate value, bringing together leading solutions, industry practices, rapid deployment, and on-going support.

You choose the best pathway to value for your business: 

  • Finance, spend, and human capital management: Manage your people and money in an open and connected system, make confident decisions faster, drive flawless business and financial operations, and empower your people for maximum growth. 
  • Finance and spend: Help your finance team work more efficiently by automating and scaling finance operations. Benefit from data-based business insights, streamlined expense processing, simplified indirect procure to pay, and tools to find finance talent with the right skills for your organization.
  • Human capital management: Gain flexibility for a changing world of work. Build a workforce that’s primed to perform, while accelerating HR decision-making and simplifying business operations and processes. 
Join us in-person or digitally at Workday DevCon, June 3-6, 2024.

Packages to Meet You Where You Are

Once an organization selects its solutions, Accelerate with Workday offers three tiers of packages that combine services with our solutions. Think of these packages as a pathway through which you can progress and expand our products’ capabilities, services, and your deployment plans as your business grows and your goals change: 

  • Essentials: Getting established with the essentials of what our solutions offer is a good place to begin. For example, start by unifying finance and HR into a single system of record with embedded AI for automation, process configurability, and real-time insights.

  • Enable: With the essentials in place, you can take business transformation to the next level through further automation of key financial processes, talent and skills development, and employee engagement.

  • Empower: As a next step, gain the tools and services to elevate your role to strategic business partner with AI-enabled predictions, complete workforce and financial planning, and industry-specific solutions.

We’ll serve as your strategic partner to help identify the right starting package for you to drive proven value as your organization evolves. 

“Our customers don’t want to copy and paste their old way of doing business to a new platform. They want to leverage the leading best practices and learn more about how they can reimagine their HR and finance processes.” 

Indy Bains Vice President, Global Industry Marketing Workday

Designed for Industry Needs

Accelerate with Workday offers solutions and packages built with industries in mind and can be tailored to unique industry challenges—addressing each customer’s evolving business objectives, boosting organizational productivity, and improving decision-making.

For professional services firms, that might mean bringing finance, HR, and professional services automation (PSA) into one unified system for improved efficiency and speed. For manufacturing, our program helps companies adapt to market changes and ensure the right worker is in the right role at the right time, and at the right cost. In healthcare, use Accelerate with Workday to uncover deeper insights and automate administrative tasks to improve the employee experience, leading to less turnover to maintain quality patient care.

“Based on our expertise in helping thousands of customers achieve business outcomes and be successful across all the industries we cover globally, we can scale value for organizations in three key ways through Accelerate with Workday,” says Indy Bains, vice president, global industry marketing at Workday. 

Fast Benefits for Medium-Sized Businesses

The Accelerate with Workday program is ideal for medium-sized businesses to benefit from the power of automation and AI-embedded capabilities from day one.

“This program is ideal for medium-sized businesses to benefit from the power of automation and AI from the first day they go live.” 


Doug Robinson Co-president Workday
  • Deploy at lower cost and risk: We offer pre-configured deployment plans—with fixed fees and scope—that help you get up and running in a predictable time frame and at a known cost.

  • Realize rapid time-to-value: Simplify and speed Workday adoption with industry-specific pathways and services, so you can drive immediate value. We work with you to determine your needs by leveraging leading business practices and industry expertise.

  • Ongoing support and scalability options: Once you go live, we’re dedicated to your success. Rolling adoption meets the evolving needs of your business. And you get access to support, education, and a community of peers to minimize disruption and grow your team’s capabilities.

“Changes to your enterprise software platform can feel like a risky proposition,” says Bains. “We lower the cost and risk by giving customers proven capabilities and a pre-configured deployment approach. And once they go live, we leverage our industry expertise to help guide them and simplify adoption.”

Choosing not to embrace a digital transformation that moves your business forward can be a bigger risk, notes Bains. “Our customers don’t want to copy and paste their old way of doing business to a new platform. They want to  leverage the leading best practices and learn more about how they can reimagine their HR and finance processes.” 

Learn More About Accelerate with Workday

We’ve used our vast experience and learnings from thousands of successful customer deployments to create a low-risk, predictable, fixed-fee rapid deployment approach for each package. More than 96% of Workday customer deployments are completed on time.

Ready to start seeing the benefits of Workday now and into the future? Learn more about Accelerate with Workday

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