At ITC Vegas 2023, Patrick Dodge, director of product strategy at Workday, sat down with Emily Peters, head of research at Sønr Global, to highlight how insurance leaders can partner with Workday to be more agile and innovative, and more quickly adopt technology such as AI.

Why It Matters: How Insurance Firms Can Prepare for the Future

From AI and automation, to regulation and climate-related natural disasters, insurers have a lot to consider and address over the next few years to stay competitive and profitable. Dodge shares some of the key ways Workday helps insurers to thrive and grow now and into the future.

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Diving Deeper: Finance Investments, AI, and Industry Solutions

Dodge covered the following improvements in the conversation captured on video, which were built on a relationship of listening, trust, and collaboration with our customers, partners, and providers.

  • Investments in the finance and accounting function: helping customers to access their policy and claims detail without IT having to intervene

  • Industry Accelerator program: working with partners and ISVs to build prepackaged Workday solutions that are specific to the industry

  • Workday AI Marketplace: bringing together the best AI solutions from Workday and our third-party partners, all vetted and aligned with our AI principles

Learn more in the video:

Watch the video below to learn more about how insurance leaders can gain a competitive advantage and innovate with Workday.


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