Video: Collaboration, Innovation, and Policy Frameworks for Responsible AI

Chandler Morse, VP of public policy at Workday, and Victoria Espinel, CEO of BSA, The Software Alliance, explore the complexities of AI policy and how organizations can navigate this constantly changing landscape with proactive frameworks.

Chandler Morse and Victoria Espinel sitting down for a fireside chat style interview.

It’s no secret that AI is at the forefront of technological evolution—influencing industries, economies, and societies worldwide. Despite its potential to facilitate unparalleled progress, artificial intelligence needs to be regulated carefully and responsibly to avoid any negative consequences. 

Workday Vice President of Public Policy Chandler Morse recently held a conversation with Victoria Espinel, CEO of BSA, The Software Alliance, to explore the complexities of AI policy, global regulations, and a future with responsible AI. 

The video below provides valuable insights on how organizations can use collaboration, innovation, and proactive policy frameworks to navigate the constantly changing AI landscape. Watch to learn more.

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