In Good Company: Financial Services in the Age of Disruption

The phrase "disrupt or get disrupted" isn't about choices. For the financial services industry, it's a mantra of survival. Learn more from Deloitte Consulting LLP about the accelerating pace of change and how the finserv industry is keeping up.


Navigating change in financial services can feel like turning a big ship—it’s among the oldest industries in the world, mired in legacy processes. But the sea change brought on by technology is ongoing and impossible to ignore—and many in the finserv industry are benefitting from it.

In this episode of In Good Company, we sit down with Dave Zager, senior manager at Deloitte Consulting LLP, to discuss financial services in the age of disruption. Among the topics we explore are the traits of early adopters in financial services, the innovative technologies impacting financial institutions, and how disruptive factors are shaping the future of work.  

In this episode:

What “Disrupt or Get Disrupted” Means for Financial Services

Disruption Across Industry Segments

Areas that Need Modernization

Traits of Early Adopters 

Disruptive Factors Shaping the Future of Work in Financial Services

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