At Workday, customer success is a top priority, including helping them navigate a changing world. To help customers solve their most pressing challenges, we’ve built a robust partner ecosystem. Our services, software, and payroll partners are key to the success of our customers—and of Workday. 

In addition to supporting Workday deployments, our services partners also address specific business challenges across industries, roles, and geographies. Last year, to recognize that expertise and spur a little friendly competition, we announced the Workday Partner Industry Innovation Awards. This program invited our services partners to submit industry-specific solutions built on top of Workday Prism Analytics and Workday Adaptive Planning

“The level of participation in our partner award program and the customer-focused innovation demonstrated in the submissions is amazing,” said Webb Armentrout, group vice president, global partners at Workday. “We’re grateful to our services partners for their dedication and ongoing investments to bring innovation to our joint customers.”

Our services partners address specific business challenges across industries, roles, and geographies.

Without further ado, we’re pleased to announce the winners of our inaugural Workday Partner Industry Innovation Awards. The virtual red envelope, please:  

Financial Services: Deloitte Consulting

Performance-Based Variable Incentive Compensation Solution for Financial Services powered by Workday Prism Analytics

Compensation is a significant factor for attracting and retaining high-performing banking professionals, particularly in capital markets where bonuses and other merit-based pay make up a significant portion of their total compensation. This solution from Deloitte leverages Workday Prism Analytics to optimize the way a company’s managers calculate incentive-based pay and bonuses for its capital markets staff. 

Government: Accenture

Workday Prism Analytics Accelerator for the Public Sector 

This solution from Accenture provides public sector customers with an industry-focused package of data discovery, with an accelerated path to unlocking the power of their data while emphasizing collaboration and knowledge transfer. Deploying the Workday Prism Analytics Accelerator helps reduce costs and free up resources.

Healthcare: KPMG

Healthcare Labor Distribution powered by Workday Prism Analytics

This solution from KPMG leverages Workday Prism Analytics to blend data from external sources with data in Workday and surface labor distribution data insights in Workday dashboards for multiple stakeholder groups. This solution ensures secure and appropriate access to data based on security roles directly within Workday, simplifying the user experience.

Higher Education: Huron Consulting Group

Student Demand Planning Solution powered by Workday Adaptive Planning

Huron’s solution can help institutions effectively plan for course enrollment needs and respond to changes in enrollment behaviors in real time. Huron's Student Demand Planning template leverages Workday Adaptive Planning to deliver a connected planning and modeling process that assists institutions in making data-driven decisions to meet student course demand, effectively manage resources and ultimately support student success.

Professional and Business Services: Collaborative Solutions

Workday Prism Analytics Solution for Billing Aggregation and Customer Invoice Reporting in Professional Services

This solution allows a professional services firm to pull millions of micro-billing transactions, aggregated with complex rules, from external systems into Workday to create customer invoices and produce print invoice layouts. It allows organizations to ingest data from various billing systems, consolidate it based on mapping tables and rules, then publish as a data source in Workday Prism Analytics to generate customer invoices. 

Retail and Hospitality: Deloitte Consulting

Cash Forecasting Accelerator powered by Workday Adaptive Planning for Retail and Hospitality

The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the need for retail and hospitality finance executives to have enhanced capability and agility in the management of working capital, cash flow forecast, and overall liquidity. In concert with Workday Adaptive Planning, this solution from Deloitte lets FP&A teams model their cash flow. It also delivers customizable dashboards (with data generated from various sources) that provide an overview of the organization’s cash flow position.

Technology and Media: Accenture

Holistic Financial Planning Blueprint for the Media & Technology Industry powered by Workday Adaptive Planning

Alongside Workday Adaptive Planning, this solution from Accenture provides a holistic financial planning architecture, methodology, and solution. It provides the ability to standardize processes, offers integration options with various data sources, and quickly handles data complexities. It provides a strong foundation for financial planning needs.

Congratulations to the winners, and thank you to all of our services partners for your continued commitment to Workday and our shared customers.

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