Workday Podcast: A Tech CFO Looks to the Future

The disruption of the pandemic affects tech, media, and entertainment companies in many different ways, and the office of the CFO is adapting through it all. On this episode, our guest is Liz Brittain, CFO of cybersecurity company HackerOne.

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The tech, media, and entertainment landscape is full of contrasts when it comes to the effects of pandemic disruption. From massive spikes in demand to months-long shutdowns, from retooled business models to overnight indispensability, the only constant is disparity. And all this adds up to a bevy of everyday effects for the office of the CFO. In this episode, Liz Brittain, CFO of cybersecurity company HackerOne, joins us to talk about the lessons tech CFOs are taking into the future. 

Here is some of what Brittain shared, edited for clarity. Be sure to follow us wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts so you don’t miss an episode. You can find our other podcast episodes here

  • “From a systems perspective, you have to be able to operate 100% remotely—not only in case you have to, but I believe it’s more efficient generally. The pandemic also gave us an opportunity to step back and look at how we operationalize the business going forward, and we spent time building efficient processes that will allow us to scale efficiently and effectively.” 

  • “We are working with all areas of the business and focusing more than ever on driving business value. We’re partnering with IT and engineering to democratize that data and instrument the business. This data helps us do deep-dive analysis. It drives value to the business. And that’s the fun part, really driving business value.”

  • “From a work perspective, you have to create the balance between working alone and collaborating together. Over the last 12 months, we’ve proven we can create a digital environment that allows us to deliver and be creative. And without doubt, the pandemic has taught us we have to be adaptable, which we knew before, but it’s highlighted the importance of it.”

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