Workday Customer Feedback Results in Best in KLAS Ranking for Fifth Year

For the fifth year in a row, our healthcare customers and KLAS Research have recognized us as Best in KLAS for ERP and talent management.

The past two years have accelerated digital transformation efforts across the healthcare industry. Now more than ever, providers require an agile, connected platform to better manage talent, finances, and supplies.

At Workday, we’re committed to supporting healthcare organizations and their ever-changing needs. From the beginning, customer satisfaction has been a core value at Workday and an attribute we routinely measure. KLAS Research is an important source to help us benchmark our progress. We’re delighted to share that for the fifth year running, our healthcare customers and KLAS Research have recognized us as Best in KLAS in enterprise resource planning (ERP) for Workday Financial Management, Workday Human Capital Management, and Workday Supply Chain Management for healthcare, and Best in KLAS for Talent Management. 

The rankings from KLAS are based entirely on feedback from healthcare customers. This distinction is particularly noteworthy because the annual Best in KLAS report recognizes software organizations that excel in helping healthcare professionals improve patient care. We’re honored by the continued endorsement from our customers and proud to be part of an active community of customers and partners collaborating to improve healthcare. 

Taking Feedback From Our Customer Community 

Connecting with customers and learning more about their needs is paramount to our innovation, according to Sheri Rhodes, our newly appointed chief customer officer. She adds this insight about Workday’s customer service philosophy: “We achieve the most when we listen and understand.” At Workday, the need to connect and relate moves us forward in everything we do. We try to think and walk in our customers’ shoes—this helps us brainstorm solutions we may never have considered.

In anonymous customer feedback from KLAS Research, one executive shares, “Workday is very customer focused. They look to the industry to help them shape what they are bringing, not the other way around. They don’t solely rely on the talent they have in their own shop. I would give Workday an A+ in terms of being a partner and a listening ear, and for wanting to listen to what we are asking for.”

This partnership with customers has helped us to accelerate value for healthcare organizations. One customer CIO told KLAS, “There have been a lot of really great ideas that have been presented as brainstorms that Workday has implemented. We have already realized extreme efficiencies by just being on the platform for a short time.” 

How the Cloud Enables Healthcare to Move Forward

An integrated, cloud-based system is essential for healthcare organizations to function and compete for talent in the current environment. Ensuring flexible usability, mobile capability, and anytime-access to data, among other key business functions, is essential. 

For example, KLAS shared feedback from a healthcare executive noting how Workday as a “system has a lot of functionality and features, and it is very configurable. There is a lot of flexibility built into the system to meet our business needs. One of the biggest advantages of the system is that it is really intuitive and easy for people to use.” 

Says Brian Lancaster, vice president and CIO at Nebraska Medicine: “The user friendliness, mobility, and cloud-based approach of Workday is really a game changer for us because it’s designed for anywhere, anytime use.” Healthcare organizations know continued digital transformation is the way forward as we move through the pandemic and beyond. 

Embracing the Power of Partnership 

Innovation is a core value at Workday, and we know successful innovation requires collaboration. We rely on the feedback and ideas we hear from customers to lead our innovation efforts, because supporting them and fulfilling their needs with the best technology and solutions possible is our top goal. In feedback from KLAS, one CIO shares, “I have been doing this work for a long time, and Workday is the best vendor we have in terms of a customer-vendor partnership. Workday is very engaged with us from the bottom to the top executives. They are not trying to sell us something; they partner with us and communicate what we need.” 

We value working with customers who want to create a true partnership and work together to move the industry forward. Chris Pass, senior vice president and CFO at John Muir Health, echoes this sentiment: “We didn't want to just have a vendor relationship, and with Workday, we saw a partnership. We saw the opportunity to bring some of those forward-thinking cloud-based methodologies to healthcare.” 

Our Latest Product Innovations and Enhancements 

We’re always asking for customer feedback, and we take that feedback to heart. Enhancements and investments we’ve made this year to support evolving industry needs include: 

  • Workday Peakon Employee Voice. This integrated intelligent listening platform elevates the sentiments of employees. Real-time feedback helps create better experiences for employees with increased employee engagement, productivity, inclusivity, and equity in the workplace. 

  • Workday People Analytics. Augmented analytics enables organizations to make better people decisions faster. With deeper insight into clinician turnover, diversity and inclusion, and span of control, leaders can focus efforts to boost retention in a competitive talent environment.

  • Vaccine Management Capabilities in Workday. As the COVID-19 vaccines promise relief in the global fight against the coronavirus, organizations can rely on capabilities in Workday to manage compliance and simplify employee interactions. 

Other capabilities we’ve added include Demand Planning, Workday Everywhere, and Workday Strategic Sourcing

Expanding Our Healthcare Community

Our healthcare community continues to grow. This past year, we were delighted to welcome Children’s Hospital of Eastern OntarioMemorial Healthcare System, Mercy HealthMultiCareSharp HealthCareVCUHealth, and many other organizations into our community. One leader from Sharp HealthCare has already shared positive feedback with us about their experience since deploying Workday, explaining, “I have seen some of the most collaboration between supply chain, pharmacy, IT, and many other departments than I’ve seen in the five years that I have been with Sharp.” 

As we move forward, we’ll strive, as always, to meet and exceed customer expectations in the ever-evolving healthcare industry. We’re honored to partner with leading healthcare organizations doing the great work of caring for patient populations. As Workday leader Rich Sauer shares, “we recognize that trust is not assumed, it’s earned, and we work tirelessly to earn and retain it in every conversation we have, every position we take, and every product we develop.” 

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