Workday Podcast: How Marymount University Transformed Its Student Experience

In this episode, Marymount University CFO Robin Whitfield and CIO Carl Whitman discuss how the school modernized its technology to improve operations and provide differentiated services for its students.

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Higher education institutions are like small cities with many interdependent parts, all of which impact each other. Getting a 360-degree view of these city-like campus operations requires accessing and integrating data that exists in silos across human resources (HR), student, and finance systems. 

For Marymount University, in Arlington, Virginia, that meant getting rid of labor-intensive, paper-based processes and embracing a modern higher education management system. Marymount’s Robin Whitfield and Carl Whitman tell Workday Podcast host Donna Troeger about how they transformed the school’s technology and operations. The result? Improved engagement and experiences for their faculty and staff to better serve the institution and students.

Below are some highlights from the conversation, edited for clarity. You can find our other podcast episodes here.

  • “We’re a tuition-dependent institution and students are what we care about the most, whether it’s recruiting them, retaining them, or making sure they have a great experience here. We want to use technology to improve everything about their experience, whether it be the academic experience in the classroom or their administrative experience.” —Carl Whitman

  • “When I joined Marymount, there were many processes that were still leveraging paper. One of the biggest motivators and wins with Workday is that we were able to automate many of those processes. It’s been a time-saver for our staff who were previously pushing that paper, freeing them up to be more strategic and foster more cross-functional and stakeholder engagement.” —Robin Whitfield

  • “But now with us being in the same system, we’re speaking the same language, we’re looking at the same functionality, the same types of screens. The technology has enhanced our ability to communicate with each other and problem-solve.” —Robin Whitfield

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