Announcing Workday Adaptive Planning and Consolidation: Another Path to Finance Transformation

Learn how our new unified offering brings together the robust and agile planning of Workday Adaptive Planning with the comprehensive close and consolidation capabilities of Workday Financial Management.


In this Workday Rising Broadcast, we preview new generative AI with conversational  capabilities in Workday Adaptive Planning, as well as innovation to help increase collaboration between workforce and financial planners. 

Workday’s Annette Melatti and Terrance Wampler discuss the transformative power of generative AI to explore data and surface insights in Workday Adaptive Planning. They also share new innovations that enhance collaboration across finance and human resources, increase performance, and improve decision-making. 

Finally, they discuss our plans to unify planning with close and consolidation capabilities in Workday Adaptive Planning, and they share how our forthcoming offering will establish a perfect foundation for a full finance transformation in the future. 

Interested in learning more? Don’t miss the webinar, “Investing in the Future: Workday Adaptive Planning’s ROI Impact.” Register today.

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