C-Suite Global AI Indicator Report: Inside the Mind of CEOs

CEOs worldwide are excited about the potential of AI. However, they also have concerns about the risks associated with it, and worry about their company’s ability to fully utilize AI and ML. Learn what they’re thinking.

Most of the time, CEOs make or break their reputation based on their vision—or lack thereof. When it comes to AI, most CEOs are all in. In fact, our “C-Suite Global AI Indicator Report: AI Is the Ultimate Level-Up” global survey, conducted in collaboration with FT Longitude, shows that while the CEOs surveyed are extremely bullish on AI adoption, they do have their worries. Here are three highlights from the infographic

Only 2 percent of company leaders don’t see AI’s potential.

And CEOs are excited about what AI will enable for their teams.

But CEOs worry about their organization’s preparedness.

To learn where CEOs and the other members of the C-suite have their biggest challenges, and to explore a three-step roadmap to AI implementation success, download the infographic.

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