Creating Employee-First Digital Experiences at PVH Corp.

A senior HR leader at PVH Corp. (owners of the Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger brands) shares practical advice on building digital-first associate experiences for retail with Workday in a session from NRF 2023: Retail’s Big Show.

At NRF 2023: Retail’s Big Show, Hari Dorai, senior vice president of human resources (HR) operations, systems, and analytics at PVH Corp. (owners of the Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein brands), joined Nancy Weitl, vice president of product management at Workday, for a fireside chat where Dorai talked about tools to engage frontline talent. 

Here are a few key takeaways from the session: 

  • Turnover for frontline workers remains high, prompting retail and hospitality leaders to look for fresh approaches to engage with frontline teams. Leaving no stone unturned, many are turning to digital-first strategies that give employees greater autonomy and flexibility over their time, such as having more control over when they work.

  • On delivering digital-first, employee-led experiences across the PVH portfolio, Dorai shared that delivering a consumer-grade associate experience is core to its digital transformation goals. Building an efficient, high-velocity HR service engine, PVH standardized and streamlined its global operations to drive efficiency while upholding individual brand identities.

  • Dorai’s advice to others embarking on digital transformation journeys: think globally about processes from the outset, prioritize the right tools for retail associates, and remember that technology doesn’t drive change—it enables change. Build trust and transparency with your employees by investing in training and change management.

For more, watch the reply of the entire session.

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