Top 5 Workday Blog Articles of 2023

We selected 5 articles from this year that capture what’s shaping the future of work. Read on to learn about the enormous impact of AI, how businesses across industries are overcoming tough challenges, innovations in our customer community, and more.

It was the year of AI, and AI will continue to have enormous implications on the future of work. That’s why it was a central focus of our storytelling in 2023—how business leaders are leveraging it, what our own research reveals about it, the importance of AI policy and responsibility, and more.

Throughout the year we also dove deep into critical industry challenges—and their solutions—in our Future Series. We provided insights on how managers can improve the employee experience, and how CFOs are preparing for uncertainty. As always, our innovative customers played a starring role in our content. 

Looking back on 2023, we selected five articles from the Workday Blog that capture the future of work, and what these changes mean for our Workday community. Here are our picks for the year in order by publish date.

1) Taking Flight With Workday: How Southwest Airlines Is Scaling and Maturing HR Functions

We love hearing great customer stories and sharing them with others. In this article and video, senior leaders in people and technology at Southwest Airlines share the game-changing impacts of partnering with Workday.

2) Why Intelligent Finance Demands a Human-Centered Approach to AI

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are reshaping the future of finance in remarkable ways. Workday’s Terrance Wampler and Stanford Professor Erik Brynjolfsson discuss why CFOs are best positioned to lead the AI revolution using a human-centered approach to augment skills—not replace workers.

3) First Half 2023 Hiring Trends: Slowdown and Stagnation

The first half of 2023 saw big changes in the labor market with reverberating effects on the workforce, including signs of decreased engagement. Based on metrics from the Workday platform, we pulled together key trends and insights to help HR leaders better prepare.

4) Global Study: C-Suite Optimism on AI and Why First Movers Win

Workday research shows senior executives recognize AI adoption is a must, with first movers likely to claim competitive advantage. Yet, some feel stalled on the sidelines.

5) Workday Shares AI and Skills Expertise With Congress

Workday's VP of productivity technology, Josh Lannin, testified before the U.S. Congress to share his insights on AI and its role in enhancing workplace collaboration.

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