Video: Leveraging AI and Data for a Skills-Centric Workforce

As the workplace continues to change, organizations must use AI and data to develop a skills-based workforce for long-term success. Workday’s Jim Stratton and Accenture’s Penelope Prett explore the challenges of managing skills, the need for a new approach, and the role of AI in reshaping the workforce.

The workplace is constantly evolving, making it non-negotiable for organizations to leverage AI and data when developing a workforce that prioritizes skills for sustained success. This transformative concept has led to a seismic shift in the traditional approach to workforce management. 

Jim Stratton, chief technology officer at Workday, and Penelope Prett, Accenture’s global Workday business group lead, recently explored the nuances of using data to shape a skills-centric workforce for the future. Gain insights into the challenges organizations face in managing skills, the necessity for a paradigm shift in approach, and the pivotal role of AI in reshaping today’s workforce by embracing the power of data. 

Check out the video below to learn more.

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