There’s no question that artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are starting to impact nearly every corner of the business world. However, many business leaders are still unclear on what they should be considering now as they prepare to best capitalize on AI and ML technology.

Over a series of podcast episodes, venture capitalist Spiros Margaris discusses the opportunities and challenges of AI and ML with Workday leaders. Check out the series to learn more about AI and ML policies, global regulations, intelligent automation, and more.

  • In order to get organizations to lean into using AI, the key is to establish trust, recognize that the stakes are higher for financial users, and focus on the transition from tactical to strategic finance. In this episode, Jenn Dearth, senior manager of product management for ML for financials at Workday, joins Spiros Margaris to discuss Workday's current use of AI in managing risk, generating rules, and providing preemptive insights for finance functions. Listen now.

  • In the AI and ML landscape, does legislation impede innovation, or is there a balance to be found between the two? In this episode, Spiros Margaris is joined by Jens-Henrik Jeppesen, senior director of public policy at Workday, and Chandler C. Morse, vice president of corporate affairs at Workday, to talk through AI policies, GDPR, and the EU’s proposed AI Act, as well as how Workday is embracing the balancing act of innovation and legislation when it comes to employee development and skills-based talent acquisition. Listen now.

  • AI can be a valuable tool for HR professionals leading the adoption of a skills-based operating model. Spiros Margaris talks with Aashna Kircher, GM of talent at Workday, about the pivotal role played by HR leaders in driving this transformation within their organizations. Despite the growing importance of becoming skills based, HR leaders often face challenges and obstacles along this journey. Learn the actionable steps HR leaders can take now to overcome these hurdles and maximize the value of AI. Listen now.

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